Money In My Sock

Since I was a kid I have always kept money in my sock.

It’s for “security”.

Not to lose it type thing, more than getting it nicked.

I mostly wore either shorts or tracksuit bottoms on when I was young and everyone knows the pockets on those are shite.

I lost a fair few quid from money falling out.

And as we didn’t have much money, to lose what I did have made me feel terrible.

So I kept it in my sock for safety.

Money was a big motivator for me, and still is.

To earn money….

-I did paper rounds.

-Washed cars.

-Mowed the lawn.

-I swept the car park where my Mam used to clean (shoe city).

-Then I worked in the kitchen in Burger King when I was 15. (my cousin Carl was the manager and somehow he got me in without a national insurance number)

The usual stuff, anything to get a couple of quid.

Looking back I can see that all this taught me so much about the relationship between WORK and REWARD.

That’s the stuff that stands you in good stead as you get older.

Realising if you want anything in life, then you have to do THE WORK, is a good lesson to learn as a young man.

My work ethic is good.

-If you want money, you have to do the work.

-If you want to get better at anything, you have to do the work.

-If you want to be fit and healthy, you have to do the work.

-If you want to have a good relationship with your partner and kids you have to do the work.

You get the idea.

When push comes to shove, as it does in life, if it’s financially with your health or with your relationships you have either done the work required or you haven’t.

If you have done the work – it may save you from going bankrupt getting a divorce or getting a major life changing illness.

If you haven’t done the work – you’re probably in for a bumpy ride.

Work = Reward.

Investment of your time and money into these areas, keeps things safe.

Kinda like insurance.

Invest your time and efforts in the important things like:


If you ask me, everything else should come after this.

Chow for now,

Rich “a worker not a shirker” Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I will tell you how keeping my money in my sock saved me from getting mugged – in a strip club
– in Soho – on my 19th Birthday. (you couldn’t make this shit up)


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