My Bank Holiday

Someone asked last week

“How do you come up with the emails?”.

Some days when I write, I sit down and haven’t a clue what I’m gonna write about.

My mind is empty
(just tumble weed….)

And then

All of a sudden, something inspires me.

I get a question come in, like the one I had from Maria about the upcoming bank holiday asking what she should do to minimise the effects.

It triggers a memory.

And I’m off.

Other times I have inspiration and make a note in my phone and write about it later.

I’m not gonna give you the answer to Maria’s question, as that’s valuable info only clients get

But I will share what I’m gonna do…my strategy…

In the next month we have two bank holidays.

Happy days.

All of us work so hard and any little break is nice to try and “relax”.

We will be going away down to our static caravan in Aberporth.

Typically when we go down the van, the wheels come off.

I have a few beers, some bread, some of the kids sweets and chocolate and whatever else comes my way.

I don’t plan to do it, it just happens.

And by the time we go home I feel like shit.

And I look like shit too.

And this is apparently “resting & relaxing”.

So I have decided to change my approach.

I really need to come home from the caravan and feel BETTER not WORSE.

I think lots of us maybe relaxing in the wrong way, just like I have been.

Returning to work in a worse state for having time off.

I know beer and food are a nice way to relax and switch off but if after a few days of it you actually look and feel like shit

Is it worth it?

Is it a good strategy?

I think not.

So this is what I’m gonna do instead:

1. Still have a few beers
2. Not eat any bread, sweets or chocolate

When we go out to eat, I’m gonna eat well

– Salads and/or Vegetables
– Olives
– Fish
– Steak
– Loads of water
– And definitely a desert

We (Mrs C) will cook a big batch of curry from my cookbook before we go, so that’s like having a take away, and it’s healthy.

There you go

that’s my plan for the next couple of bank holidays this will allow me to enjoy myself, stay in shape and still feel better when I return to work on the Tuesday.

Have a nice bank holiday.

Rich “the man with a plan” Clarke

PS – Thanks for the feedback yesterday, you are all so kind x


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