My Mother-In-Law Called Me A Heathen

Louis and I were in the evening post a little while back – you can see that here.

It didn’t do too much for the blog but Louis thinks he is famous and of course the grandparents loved it.

His grandma Carol especially loved it. My wife said “your grandma will be taking that to church to show all her friends”.

He said “will she show it to god?”

My wife answered “yes of course!”

This reminded me of how much Carol loves church and how, one Sunday, she  gave me a row.

Let me explain…

Grandma Carol goes to a church in Sketty and is involved as a volunteer.

This one Sunday she had just got back from church and we all started asking questions about what goes on.

Her husband, Grampa George, started taking the mick about the fact that the “reverend” or the boss man, suggests an actual amount to go in the donations plate.

I started laughing and joining in with her husband George, taking the mick saying we thought it was a bit cheeky.

She really got mad – and called us both heathens.

At Sunday lunch of all places.

I didn’t even know what a heathen was, but I had a feeling it was an insult.

I had never seen her like that before.

We had really upset her for her to say something as strong as that.

I was a little shocked that she had got so passionate about it.

It made me think.

It doesn’t matter who you are.

Even the most gentle and calm people like Carol, have things they feel passionate about and they will stand up for and protect, and quite rightly so.

We all have our buttons or triggers.

Some people defend their food and alcohol consumption very passionately.

Some people get passionate about their kids or loved ones.

It’s a good thing to get passionate about something you love. (unless it’s bread and booze)

Stuart Miles

It’s good to get fired up.

It’s good to get the emotions going.

When someone takes the mick out of what you hold dear, like your church stand up for it and don’t back down.

Like when you start a new diet or training programme and someone undermines your efforts and laughs.

Don’t let them.

Tell them straight.

Stand up for what you believe.

Rich “always fired up” Clarke

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