My Philosophy on Health

My philosophy is based around reaching optimum health through:

1.  Eating Local Organic Whole Foods.

It is my strong belief that food is medicine. Wherever and whenever possible I encourage my clients to use organic foods, free range and grass fed animals.  Our nutrition programme is research driven healthy eating which provides energy and restores health.  It’s a nutrition plan that can have a powerful and dramatic influence on your ability to achieve optimal health.

2.  Correct Exercise to Improve Health, Function and Then Fitness

Exercise comes in many formats and sometimes it’s difficult to know which is best for you when they all claim to do so many things.  What works for one may not work for another but there ARE movements which ALL our bodies make and this is what we focus on, teaching the body to move efficiently.

When your body can perform all movements without too much trouble you will be able to reach optimum health through more challenging exercises.

Our programme teaches you what type of session to do at the right time.  The human organism see’s many forms of exercise as an actual “stress” to the system.

If you are already stressed out due to work (or something else), and you then try to use certain types of exercise which represent additional stress, to relieve that existing stress, you will become ill and weak and tired and maybe injured.  We teach you how to avoid this from ever happening.

Exercise is a tool but not THE tool

I help people get into the best physical condition possible so that they can achieve all the things they want in business and in life.

3.  Detoxifying Your Environment, Mind & Body

In the modern world there are many sources of environmental toxins:

Food – Food is big business.  The people producing our food have not always got our health interests at heart. Many of our foods contain herbicides and pesticides along with many additives and preservatives which are harmful to our bodies.

Chemicals such as monosodiumglutamate (MSG), trans and hydrogenated fats and processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup are found in lots of foods which you may eat on a regular basis.  Wheat, dairy and gluten has also been linked with lots of inflammatory problems.  What is safe to eat?  I will aim to teach you through this blog.

Air – The air we breathe contains chemicals released from these main sources: cars, industrial factories and open fires.  These chemicals can cause asthma and other breathing difficulties.

Water – There are more than 1,400 potential contaminants in British water. The water system is heavily polluted with parasites, xenoestrogens which are released into the system by industry, cleaning products and the female contraceptive pill.

The Daily Mail in 2004 said “Medication, hormones used in HRT and the Pill, which are excreted by humans into the sewage system, are not removed through chemical cleaning. Rather, we end up drinking them in our tap water.”

A xenoestrogen is a synthetic female hormone, xenoestrogen can seriously disturb a woman’s hormonal balance.

Personal Products – included as above producing xenoestrogens and affecting men’s sperm counts, which are at an all time low and, and contributing to women’s problems with elevated estrogen levels and hormones out of balance.

Massage, meditation, detoxification diets and sweat therapy such as saunas and steam rooms are some of the many ways you can help your body and mind to heal and detoxify.

4.  Supplementing Wisely

In an ideal world we would not need to use food supplements, and our ancestors were healthier than us with a much more basic nutritional approach.  In the last 200 years the western diet has changed dramatically.

Many of these changes stem from industrialisation and commercialisation of the food system. Unfortunately the modern food chain is now deficient in many important fats, vitamins and minerals.

The reason for this is the over farming and use of chemicals on the land which has stripped the soil of all its goodness.  If there is no goodness in the soil there won’t be much goodness in the foods and animals produced on it.

Many essential foods have disappeared from our diets such as offal and locally grown seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables.

5.  Have a Purpose to Your Life Greater Than Yourself

I work with and know many very successful people who still remain unsatisfied with life although they seemingly “have everything” they ever wished for.  So why does happiness evade them?  Of course that’s the big question and I for sure can’t answer it.

However what we do know is that having a purpose greater than yourself is very empowering and can help drive you in a new and exciting direction. Setting and living by your own set of values is life changing and empowering.

My purpose in life is to help people achieve their dreams through exercise, nutrition and inspiration.  I cannot possibly know what your purpose in life is, but I can help you start to try to identify it through continued personal development.

Remember your health is in your hands.  Be different to everyone else – be fit and healthy.

Thanks for reading,

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