One of my friends asked me a question and just answering it made me cry.

She asked me WHY I do, what I do.

She wasn’t happy when I just said…

“to help people live longer, healthier lives”

She said, WHY do you want people to do that?

Then I said something like…

“so they can be happy and spend more time with the people they love”

Again she pushed and asked another “WHY?”.

Why? She said, for about the third or fourth time And then it happened.

I got fired up and went on a rant.

It went something like this…

I have had a fucking nuff of people dying too early.

People are working hard to plan and prepare for their retirement and they are not even making it.

Thats why.

No one plans to die before their retirement.

We are told when we are young to prepare, that’s why we work hard and save, so we can have a good retirement.

The halcyon days right?

What a load of bullshit.

LOADS of people won’t even make it and that’s a sad fact.

Like my Uncle Bryn, who died at age 51.

He was fit and healthy and a strong leader.

People loved Uncle Bryn, what an amazing man when he spoke, people listened.

He was inspirational.

He always made me feel motivated and anything was possible (because it is).

Between him, my Dad and my other Uncle, Chris I had some great role models.

He was a director in a big company.

Just got a BIG pay rise and a new Jag.

AND he had just bought the house of his dreams right next to a little stream

with a big “fuck off” (his words) shed (he loved sheds and tools did Uncle Bryn).

One Monday he was in work, motivating the troops under him and giving presentations.

All pretty normal.

By the Wednesday night he was on the phone to my Dad and he couldn’t remember his words.

He was getting stuck all the time and couldn’t remember easy words.

That was the first sign.

By the Friday he could not speak and was dead a few months later.

Brain tumour had him.

Even though they gave him treatment and removed the tumour, it came back worse within 10 days or so.

It all happened so fast and then he was gone.

I have had to show this to my Dad to check it was ok for me to talk about it, it was all so sad.

Uncle Bryn had BIG plans for the future.

He was looking at a great life and retirement ahead of him over the next 30 years or so.

He didn’t make it though.

But he had “made it” in so many other ways.

It makes me think if this can happen to him, it can happen to anyone.

I believe it is so important to increase our chances of a healthy retirement by looking after our health maximising our nutrition and keeping our bodies strong through exercise.

After telling my friend this, I was so motivated and inspired. (that’s Uncle Bryn again)

So my WHY is… I want to help as many people to


That’s it, I’m flipping crying like a baby now, I loved him so much.

Rich “look after yourself” Clarke

PS – nothing down here today, except to say

Remember, if you don’t like this heavy stuff, you can bail out anytime you like, take the easy option and unsubscribe

Because it’s only going to be getting more real and raw as I take of the shackles over the coming months.


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