Periods, Pelvic Floors & Pooing

Ok you may need to fasten your seat belt for this one.

I will try to go as gently as possible but I envisage some turbulence.

It’s a bit of a horror story.

Periods, pelvic floors and pooing

These are just some of the things I have to deal with and discuss on a weekly basis.

Working with women has been a real experience, a real education,

And it’s been an eye opener.

One thing I know for sure, they are certainly more complex than us men but especially so when it comes to all this fitness and fat loss stuff.

It seems to me, the older I have got and especially since I have been married and had a son, my lovely ladies don’t seem to care what they say in front of me.

They treat me like a gay man.

I have tried putting my fingers in my ears and saying lalalala

I try to tell them all the time they give me TMI (too much info) sometimes I would rather not know certain things.

Ignorance is bliss as far as I’m concerned.

But alas it is vital to get out in the open if you’re going to fix anything related to your health/fitness and fat loss.

And it worked out well in the end.

Some of the most common problems I have learnt to deal with and help ladies with are:

1. Weak pelvic floors
2. Problematic periods
3. Sluggish bowel movements

All this traumatic stuff has made me stronger, and a good job too.

Sometimes I know when my clients are on their period without them having to say a word, it’s a bit weird I know. But the signs are there if you know what to look for, and you know someone well enough.

Some of the girls can hardly train when they are due on or actually on, they feel like shit and would rather be home watching TV on the couch so I adjust the sessions accordingly.

I understand, as best a man can.

When you’re feeling like that, the last thing you want or need is a heavy personal training session and to be “pushed hard” by an over enthusiastic pain in the ass like me.

Another very embarrassing problem many of my ladies have had is wetting themselves.

Having a little leak (or a big one) when you laugh, cough or exercise is also quite common.

Having a weak pelvic floor stops you in your tracks when it comes to certain exercises

The worst are obviously the ones which involve jumping around any heavy impact.

But running also causes problems for many women with weak pelvic floors.

I have helped lots of “tena ladies”. Enough said.

Did you realise…

*You can lessen the severity of your periods so they don’t destroy half of the month and make you feel like death.

*You can learn, why certain hormones slow fat loss down to a grinding halt, and how to fix them.

*Many women have discovered how to fix their weak pelvic floors and stop any leaking once and for all.

*I actually helped one local lady have an operation for a prolapse cancelled, just by doing some simple exercises.

*It’s possible, following the correct protocol, to strengthen and flatten your abdominal walls after pregnancy (or excess weight gain). Even if you had the baby years ago.

*You don’t have to be constipated, bloated and sluggish any more, using simple nutritional strategies, things will be moving normally again.

Whether it’s a horrific menstrual cycle, and weak pelvic floor or trouble pooing the good news is there is a treatment which will solve all the issues and yes you guessed it

It’s a good diet plan and some regular light exercise.

Rich “Putting The P In Personal” Clarke

PS – keep an eye out tomorrow to find out why you shouldn’t join my fitness and fat loss programmes


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