Spicy Pork and Bean Casserole

Pork and Bean Casserole (for a family of 4) ISH!!


1 large onion

2 large carrots

2 sticks of celery finely diced

Pork 750-1000g


Mix together in a little dish – (do not add until it says)

1 tablespoon Flour

1 tea spoon of paprika

1 tea spoon of cayenne pepper

Cook the onions a bit, then add the meat, cook that for 5-6 min.

Add carrots and celery, cook for a few more minutes

Add tomato puree – table spoon

Add two tins plumb tomatoes

Add ½ pint port stock

Stir and Cook

Add flour and spice mix

Stir and Cook

Add 3-4 tins Beans – caneloni – berlotti – butter – etc

Cook for 10 mins

Cook in oven for 1.5 hrs


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