Resolutions Don’t Work – Try This Instead

Everywhere you look at the minute someone is telling you to do this and to do that.


I don’t really go in for all this “New Year New You” BS and I’m gonna tell you why I don’t think you should do it either.

See the thing is, on the main part most new years resolutions fail, I don’t mean to spoil the fun if you have made some, but it’s a fact.

During my 18 years helping people I have seen people fail so many times. In my experience the best thing to do this time of year is LESS NOT MORE.

The one thing which will allow you to make any lasting change is ENERGY. Energy, combined with a bit of enthusiasm can take you all the way, if you lack the energy you don’t stand a chance


Because EVERYTHING will seem like a CHORE. It makes things HARD BLOODY WORK.

Don’t know about you, but I don’t want to work harder than I have to in order to get somewhere so my advice today is don’t get distracted by trying to do TOO MUCH.

I wanted to remind you of what are THE MOST IMPORTANT things to get right are

The priorities, the basics that any healthy person has in place

Any INTENSE exercise regime or STRICT healthy eating is POINTLESS until this stuff is right

1. Sleep. If you don’t sleep well it will have a HUGE effect on your health, energy and ability to lose weight

2. Alcohol. Don’t drink too often (try every 10-14 days). THE number one thing which will BLOCK your progress and sap your energy

3. Stress. Remove or reduce any MAJOR stresses in your life before doing any INTENSE exercise or STRICT DIETS as they only ADD to the stress

Just by sleeping better, drinking less and reducing your stress to manageable levels you will see great results with your health and ultimately your weight loss efforts.

If you have this lot all sorted then the next thing to do is A BASIC clean up of your diet, a basic clean up is just removing PROCESSED FOODS and DRINKING MORE WATER. Add in some light exercise such as 30-60 mins swimming, cycling or walking, 2-3 times a week.

When you have all that cracked you will be well on your way to having more ENERGY. The BASICS are in place then you can progress onto some other strategies. You will be confident in knowing you have put a GOOD FOUNDATION in place, I promise that you will get fewer issues with muscle soreness, illness and injury.

I would love to know what you struggle with when trying to lose weight and get fit

Take care,



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