She Hates Fat People

We were in class last night, and as usual the girls were keeping me up to date with all the important stuff going on in the world.

Raktim Chatterjee

Last night Irene mentioned that Katie Hopkins the ex-Apprentice participant is PURPOSELY gaining weight to (in her words) “prove to fat people” it’s easy to lose weight.

Now, as a rule I find this woman very difficult to listen to, she talks so much shit and insults people in my opinion, for the shock effect.

In case you didn’t know, you can always tell when she is spouting a load of shit – her lips move!

Her message this time is that “we eat too much and move too little”.

What a genius, not sure how long it took her to work that one out but it’s not exactly a breakthrough.

So her plan now, after gaining nearly four stone by eating a high sugar and high fat diet, is to show “fat people” how easy she can lose the weight, which I’m sure she will have no problem doing.

I cannot help but feel she has missed the point somewhere along the line.

She is trying to show people how easy it is FOR HER to lose weight.

She is an educated, wealthy (pain in the arse) so it’s not really proving much.

It’s a sad fact of life, but generally obesity is highest in uneducated and poor people.

I have actually considered dong this type of thing myself – purposely going out of shape, then to get back into shape – to show people what’s possible.

But what’s the point?

People don’t want to see someone who it’s EASY FOR, they want to see people who STRUGGLE, just like they do.

If she is trying to inspire people, she is going the wrong way about it.

More than likely though it is just another stupid and selfish idea to keep her in the spotlight.

The point of today’s email is no matter how “easy” other people make losing weight look via TV shows or 21 day transformations – don’t get sucked in – the reality for most people is that weight loss takes time and effort.

That’s why the minimum length you can sign up to work with me is three months, and then you are only really getting started.

Most people have been out of shape for many years, so it will take years to get back in shape.

Take it from me, I have been “in this game” for nearly 20 years, it’s NOT EASY, as some people would have you believe – BUT IT IS 100% WORTH IT.



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