She Is Hell Of A Girl

Let me update you about the elderly lady who I wrote about last week.
Lots of you contacted me to offer help and advice.
People said some kind things

“Tell that lady that Age UK have a home visiting service” Viv
“Ah can’t that lady have someone from social services come and visit or age concern, here are some links” Samantha 
As a couple of you pointed out she is pretty “with it” if she is using a computer.
I can tell you, as we say in Wales, she is hell of a girl, with a wicked side too.
I’m happy to tell you that this 80 year old lady is far from being “in need” 
(as I may have painted her).  She said she is more overwhelmed than lonely.
I dropped her a line saying that I couldn’t charge her but I was more than happy to pop in for a cuppa when I was in the area.
She initially accepted but then decided to leave it for now and told me her family had been visiting and she has lots of home help…
I suggested that one of her helpers be there as I was a stranger her response to this was that “I trust you more than some of the men in the pulpit” 😉
She gets daily visits from different services and has family close by.
She sends me lots of funny emails, here is a bit from one, just to give you a sample of her humour.
She said….
To one young man who asked me:
“Would you like a romance with me?”
I found myself saying:
“You’re talking to a woman who is dead from the neck down. My womb is satisfied:
And I can think of nothing more ludicrous than a man sucking on a woman’s empty breast – like a baby.”
He then told someone:
“She is very forthright – isn’t she.”
This cracked me up, what a one liner.
What a legend, hope I have some great one liners when I’m that age.
When people get to a certain age they don’t seem to give a shit about what they say.
Its great entertainment.
Some people seem to have reached a point where they have stopped worrying about what other people think.
Good on them I say.
Other people who emailed last week said, that I ought go and see my gran a bit more often, and I agree.
We coincidently all went up to Newport last week and saw her, it was her 80th birthday party.
It was a surprise party, which with my grans heart condition was a bit of a risk
but it all went off ok.
People also liked the poem and said nice things like.
“The poem brought a tear to my eye” Rita
“That poem should be part of every nurses training” Tim
All this reaction from the email tells me something.
It tells me that you guys care.
You want to help others and you are a generally a good bunch of people.
We are creating a community of like minded people, with a common goal of getting healthier.  
This makes me very happy
So I want to say thanks.
Thanks for all your kind messages and advice for my new buddy and thanks for the kind words about the poem.
Rich “feeling the love” Clarke
We talk about Hashimoto disease and how eating wheat and gluten affects this.  
We also discuss a very interesting question regarding how to approach your GP when you don’t want to follow their advice.
Other things discussed include crossfit, building muscle for females and much more on exercise and training.

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