She Prayed For Something To Be Wrong (copper coil)

I have a little story today about how a local GP (general practitioner) made a mistake.

And with all due respect to Doctors, it’s not uncommon for them to GET THINGS WRONG.

If you ask me, it’s a potentially life changing mistake.

How do I know?doctor

I put the scenario past my buddy, and GP of 25 years Dr Mark Daniels and he said the complete OPPOSITE of the local GP.

So lets get down to it.

The lady in question had ENERGY problems.

She was on her period for THREE weeks out of the month, and was constantly bleeding.

Her legs felt like LEAD.

She told me how she cried most days because she was so tired.

Then of course she had the kids and work to keep going.

As a result of the fatigue, she was also feeling pretty low and stressed out.

She hadn’t been able to face exercise for the last few months. Normally she exercised every week.

Eventually she hit a wall and had a breakdown.

The FIRST GP she spoke to ran blood tests and said come back in a week.

The blood test results came back “fine” because the highly qualified receptionist told her.

She was devastated by this.

She had hoped for something to be wrong.

In fact she PRAYED for something to be wrong to explain the way she felt.

Her instinct told her she was in a bad way.

She felt she was far from bloody FINE

She booked a follow up appointment with the DOC only to be told she was depressed.

And she was sent away with a prescription for antidepressants.

What a shock.

She didn’t feel depressed, just exhausted.

YES she was feeling like shit, but depressed, personally she didn’t think so.

In truth, this is all pretty normal so far.

Doctors treating everyone the same.

Not listening properly.

So this lady came to me in tears, and asked for my opinion.

So being an expert on all things female and over 40, I can say with all honesty, I didn’t have a “scooby doo” (clue).

So I asked fro a SECOND OPINION from my buddy Dr Mark who I did the radio show with. I explained everything…

What he said couldn’t have been any more different to what the first GP said.

Dr Mark focused on the fact she was bleeding so much.

He said “that’s the first thing to get sorted”.

He did some more digging around and asked a load of questions…

It turned out that 18 months previously, this lady was taken off her contraceptive pill and put on the copper COIL.

She was advised to come off the pill because she was high risk.

Mark said that the GP had gone merely on age not on her as an individual.

She wasn’t high risk.

(Yes she is 45, but she is fit, healthy, slim and a non smoker)

So with all that…

Dr Mark said that she needs some further tests for infections and alike but it’s likely that the coil needs to come out

And she should go back on the pill.

He also advised her to do some light exercise.

He told me what to tell her to say to her GP. (it’s an awkward conversation)

12 weeks later, after doing what Dr Mark said, she is feeling much better and has
started to feel her energy come back to normal, and start to exercise again.

She never took the antidepressants, the exercise did the job.

I’m telling you this today because this sort of thing can happen to anyone.

I know you can’t ask a Dr like I can, but maybe you can see a different Dr at your practice.

It’s good to trust your instinct.

They make mistakes too, they have a tough job. They are overloaded.

And are doing it ALL with limited resources.

Rich “get a second opinion” Clarke

PS – Tomorrow I reveal THREE ways that I see people RUIN their diets on a weekly basis. Keep an eye out for that.


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