She Was Feeling like Death Warmed Up (until…)‏

Doing this week’s radio show reminded me of a story.

I had worked with Cath for years in my younger days

I hadn’t seen her for ages but she has been receiving my emails since the very beginning

She made an appointment to see me to talk about nutrition.

When she walked in she said to me “Rich, I feel like death warmed up”.

During our consultation she also told me she hated the way she looks.

She was very down to say the least

She had reached the point when she had enough and didn’t know what else to try.

She had tried loads of diets and none of them worked.

The Dr had tried her on anti-depressants but she felt like a zombie so had to come off them.


She said she was snappy with her family, especially her husband.

She told me she felt like things were at breaking point.

Anyways to cut a long story short

After a 90 minute consultation (45 mins longer than normal)

I had to explain to her I am not a therapist but I could maybe make her feel better with some nutritional changes if she wanted to try that. (But It was a big MAYBE)

You see, during her assessment she had told me how she always got ill and had been on and off antibiotics for the last 18 months.

She also told me amongst other things she was stressed out and had a terrible diet.

Now at this point I’m thinking Antibiotics DESTROY all the good bacteria in our gut and bad food also compromises the integrity of the gut.

She feels down and grumpy.

Now feeling down and grumpy is normal for some people but not for Cath, she is a positive upbeat person, and didn’t like the changes that had happened.

She said to me “I feel like I have lost myself, the old me has gone”

All these factors, along with a few other things I can’t disclose made me focus my attention on her gut. (when I say gut I mean the stomach)

I used a basic logic that if she was feeling like shit and eating badly and had been on antibiotics, her gut would be in a bit of a state.

I also knew that 80% of the happy hormone serotonin is produced in the gut and if your gut is not healthy you will not produce much serotonin, and will feel like “death warmed up”.

So I explained this to her and suggested she make some dietary changes and take some probiotics.

To cut a long story short, Cath started to lose weight and her moods lifted.

She found herself again, and felt normal.

Its took about 6 months altogether but the nutritional approach had solved the problem.

hyena reality

As I always say – food is medicine.

I only knew to try this because I went to a seminar with a microbiologist Dr Nigel Plummber.

This information literally blew me away.

I remember him asking “where is serotonin produced”

I stuck my hand up confidently and said the brain in front of 100 other healthy personal trainery types only for Nigel to politely tell me I was wrong.

He taught us all lots that day, especially me.

We got chatting after his talk and he said he lived in Glais

tis a small world as they say

So I have asked him to come onto the radio show and share this stuff with you.

As I have said before its better hearing something coming straight from the horses mouth.

The topics covered on the show include gut health(obviously), micro flora, antibiotics and probiotics and the effect taking both together can have.

Other topics such as the benefits of fish oils, inflammation, disease, irritable bowel syndrome, allergies, babies and pregnant women’s health and much more.

Check it out, it really is going down a storm.

Take care,


PS – nothing down here today but thanks for checkin


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