Simple Hack To Eat High Quality Food (AND Save Money)

Let me share a simple hack with you that helps my clients eat the best quality food and still save lots of money on their weekly grocery bill.

Its fair to say, people want to be able to eat good quality food and value it very highly.

You can see that by the boom in farmers markets and alike.

A problem I see is that, people are buying the “finest” this and “organic” that, and are unnecessarily wasting their money.

Why do I say that?

Because if you want to buy “the best quality” fruit, veg, steak, whatever, and not spend a fortune, try this on for size:


The nutritional value will usually be higher, even than foreign organic stuff, and the cost will usually be lower because its not travelled half way around the world.

This approach goes for meat, poultry and your fruits and veggies.

For us Brits, this time of years it means apples, pears, blackberries and plums, and moving forward into winter it’ll be just apples and pears.

Then you have the veggies – root veg, kale, leeks, lettuce, rocket and watercress, moving towards sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower and red cabbage in the winter.

So there you have it, a simple hack to save you money on your grocery bill, and more importantly increase the quality of your food and thus your slimming success.

You might be able to use it next time you go to the supermarket.

If you want more tips for everything related to getting slimmer, check out my slimming clubs.

They aint cheap (but they aint that expensive either).

And they aint for people who don’t value simplicity or implement the advice we give.

As always, if you want to lose 10-14lbs in the next 4 weeks, you’re gonna have to take the first steps to fill out a form and come along to the next meeting near you.

Days, Times, Locations & Costs

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Richard Clarke

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