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Perfect Solution For Swansea & Llanelli Ladies To Get in Shape:

Discover the NEW Rules Of Weight Loss

"Remove Confusion and Learn The Easy Steps To Stay Slim Forever"

Clubs Located In: Birchgrove - Sketty - Llanrhidian - Bynea

Great Results From Angela (who's since kept it off for 3 years)

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  • No Sins
  • No Confusing Points Systems
  • No Counting Calories
  • No Low Fat Foods
  • No Sweetener Filled Foods
  • No Shakes or Bars
  • No Starving Yourself Before Weigh-In's (then going for a Chinese afterwards)
  • No Weighing and Leaving

Wonderful Results From Nicola (who's since lost another stone)

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Making So Much Sense

I was completely shocked and a bit emotional to see that result (6lbs first week) ...never would've believed it till I saw it absolutely amazing seeing as I'm hypothyroid as well. Xx

Marie Horridge, Felinfoel

Lost 8lbs this first week. So pleased so going to keep it up. I've so many clothes that don't fit any more. I have to say my skin is much better. I feel I've got more energy

Wendy Ricketts, Llansamlet

I have a thyroid problem too and lost almost 3 stone on this plan and have kept it off and my thyroid has stabilised for the first time in 13 years Angela x

Angela Northcote, Llansamlet

I'm so chuffed. I've never lost this much, in 3 weeks ever (15lbs), and I've tried every diet out there. I just wanted to add that as well as the weight loss, I've also seen a huge difference in my arthritis pain…and was taking anti inflammatory medication, plus additional pain killers, every day. I now take hardly any anti inflammatory drugs and absolutely no additional pain killers at all, and that is another amazing side affect of following this eating plan. Thanks again Richard.

Julie Jones, Felinfoel

Four Cookbooks Included!

  • Fast Results
  • Simple To Follow
  • Done-For-You Meal Plans
  • Delicious Recipes
  • Local and Seasonal Ingredients
  • Natural Approach To Losing Weight
  • Increase Energy
  • Group Support
  • Reclaim Your Health
  • Improve Conditions Like Diabetes (Type II) and Hypothyroidism
  • Family Friendly Recipes
  • Weekly Accountability Checks

Fantastic Results From Busy Mum Nicola

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Delicious Food

Excellent Results


So What's The Cost Of This Amazing Slimming Club Programme?

To work with me on a One To One basis costs around £40 per session, so 1 nutrition session per week over 12 weeks would cost over £450......

However, even though this programme promises to deliver as good a results as one to one coaching, as the sessions are in groups the cost will not be over £450.

The entire 12 week programme costs


(Just £6.25 per session)

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