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Hello and welcome to my New Age Health, Energy & Fitness Blog.

The site which will provide SOLUTIONS for many health, energy and fitness problems for people looking to CHANGE .

I believe we are at an all time low with regard to people’s general levels of health, energy and fitness.

“85% of the UK population are suffering from at least one health problem of some kind”

This is totally out of control and there is no need for it, this blog will play its part in helping “spread the word” on the information being discovered and suggest solutions to fix this.

What does “new age” mean?

Don’t worry its not a cult its just a term I use to describe whats going on in the world of health and fitness – right now.

I believe you have many differing schools of thought – old school thinking and new age thinking, both provide solutions and problems.

Old school information is everywhere and I think lots of it will never change and is bang on the money.

We had to have been right about some of what we have done in the past.

But we have to also have been wrong about a thing or two also.

This blog will bring the best of both old school and new age approaches to health, energy and fitness.

The new age information you will read you won’t hear from everyone.

At first I didn’t want to believe lots of this new age information.

The information I now regularly write about and teach my friends, family and clientele conflicts with lots of the information I was brought up to believe.

This information is taught by leading experts and some of the worlds elite and most experienced nutritionists, doctors and scientists, often working with the private sector or in elite sport.

I was disappointed but not surprised to learn first hand that the information given to a wealthy “private client” such as a premier league footballer from doctors is different to the advice and information the general population receives, which I guess is what people go private for – a different level of service, and a doctor who says different things, some of which can be contradictory to mainstream advice.

This is not about being negative or bashing anyone, there is enough of that in the world, its about taking positive action and doing what I can to provide SOLUTIONS to help those who want it.

So please keep an open mind, and all will become clear, metaphorically and literally.  I will present you with information and its up to you to decide which stance you take on it.

I have implemented the advice and changes in my own, my family and in my clients lives and the positive impact it has had on our health, energy and fitness has been astounding, as I was assured it would be.

Its common sense.

Its logical stuff, nothing too strange unless you think eating clean, natural whole foods and cutting out the chemicals coming into your body is strange.

There is a new age movement of frustrated men and women who are taking back control of their health and energy and sharing the results with the world.

This includes world renowned scientists and doctors, with whom I have trained.

I am here to spread this message to those who want to listen, how to achieve true health and energy and break free from the masses who are overweight, overworked and don’t know where to turn to get help.

Before we go any further, just so everyone knows, I must tell you that – we need to make a little deal.

This is “The Deal”.  The idea of my blog is that it’s a two way thing…..

My part is to work hard to bring to you FREE useful and up to date advice to help you keep fit and healthy, have more energy and – LIVE LONGER!  That’s a big commitment – FOR THE REST OF MY WORKING LIFE.

So I’m here to stay and you can depend on me for advice and solutions to your health, energy and fitness problems.

Your part – it’s simple, just subscribe to our weekly updates using your email address and we will send you 1-2 information packed messages each week (to push, pull, nudge and inspire you towards better health, all with a dose of humor of course!).  AND you can unsubscribe at any time if you become too healthy!


If you have any feedback, questions or comments about what we cover – let me know your thoughts, this is for you the readers so I want and need your feedback and ideas.

Tell me what you want me to cover and I will schedule it in, and if I don’t know anything I will find someone who does and interview them on your and our behalf.

As a subscriber of this blog you can EXPECT FREE:

  • Nutrition plans
  • Printable – Action Plans to Reach Your Goals
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Cards on the table time

In the interest of openness, health & fitness is how I earn a living, I will offer some paid for opportunities which are suitable and relevant to you.

You may feel you would like to follow an online course or attend a live seminar, you make think personal training sessions and deep tissue sports massage would help you.

Anyone who is a regular follower to this blog will tell you…

I DONT send sales pitches each week just articles full of great advice and tips.

I am passionately motivated and genuinely run this blog to share what I see as “New Age” health and fitness information, in an area which needs it most (South Wales firstly as that’s where i live with my family and friends, but the western world generally).

Back to The Purpose Of the Blog…

I feel there is a HUGE issue with our general levels of health.

People living the western lifestyle in general have poor health. 60% of people in the UK are either overweight or obese and the figures in the US 10% higher, with figures set to rise to 70 & 85% respectively by 2025.

Did you know being obese actually means someone is 40% overweight?

The number of obese adults in the UK has trebled in the last 50 years.

“The average person in the UK in 2012 is 3 stone heavier than 50 years ago”

The reality is that we need to maximise our citizen’s health, energy and fitness – quickly.

We will try to focus on one of the biggest afflictions modern western society suffers from – affluence and its related problems.

Poor us!

Unfortunately good clear advice is often hard to come by.

Here we will try to offer clear, useable and practical solutions to these different health, energy and fitness problems.

This lack of health and energy is caused by and continually compounded by environmental toxins found in the rivers and sea’s, the air we breath and the food we eat, and ultimately affecting every part of  the food chain.

This combined with a mass over dependence on – prescription medications, poor quality food, caffeine, sugar (that used to be me!), drugs and alcohol means many people are struggling with weight issues, facing poor health, have medical conditions that require medication for life.

Recent studies show the average westerner over 65 takes between two and seven prescription medications daily. Mis prescribing and over prescribing medications being common place.

People’s brains are being hijacked by the media. 

There is pressure to “keep up with the Jones”

As a result people don’t take good care of themselves or make sensible or anywhere near rational decisions with their spending.

Some people have got top of the range iphones which cost £700 but they don’t actually eat properly, they spend £5 a day on coffee but complain about £50 per month for a gym membership.

Some ladies tell me they are spending hundreds of pounds on evening wear to go to eat in nice restaurants and they are not happy with how they look and feel, making the experience not very enjoyable.  I find this unbelievable, and its really easy to fix.

Many people have got their priorities mixed up somewhere along the lines. 

What do you think?

Generally, I believe if we admitted it, and i m understating it  if I say we are all too decadent and don’t have enough self discipline at times.

ALL this expenditure and NO investment means some people are at bankruptcy with their physical and mental health.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  People don’t have to feel flat, lethargic and grumpy, at least not ALL the time!

Very simply THE MAJORITY of people in the world are overweight, under nourished and unwell, many physically and some also mentally.

The situation seems to be out of control.

It’s up to each individual to protect their own and their families health and well being.

The solutions are often simple when you think logically, but we don’t tend to do that!

“Common sense is NOT always common practice”

If that applies to you, I am certain that if you adhere to the main recommendations I give they will help you achieve the happy and healthy life you so richly deserve.

If you want to read about my philosophy on health click here.

Please Note

This blog will show a healthy cynicism towards some widely accepted beliefs about food and healthy eating.  Some may say it’s controversial, but one thing it certainly is not is government approved advice.

However saying that I’m not here to turn this into a “government bashing political blog” or say bad things about the government.  Our government is good, as without them we would not have the wonderful stable opportunities provided for us living in the UK.

I was taught to question things and I encourage you to question things also, that is all, I don’t have all the answers but I have lots of questions.

We need to do our own research, to look for our own solutions to problems and not rely on the government for every answer, its about taking personal responsibility.

Here are the articles I would recommend starting your education with, the ABC’s of health, energy and fitness:

Food Truths & The Need to Detox

Acid & Alkaline

It’s All About Reducing Inflammation


Enjoy the blog,

Richard x


4 thoughts on “Start Here”

  1. I just signed up for your blog and it is everything I have been looking for in the way of information and motivation. I am really excited to begin reading the information and receive your newsletter. Thanks for all the great and interesting reading. On my way to feeling better and a new bikini! Ciao, have a great day and thanks again,
    Sincerely, Diane Suzette (California, USA)

    1. Hi Diane, welcome aboard!

      It will be a fun and enjoyable journey and I’m sure you will feel better and look great in your bikini in sunny California ;-). Take care, Rich

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