Suck on this to lose weight

On the beautiful coastline of West Wales:

Is where my family and I spent last weekend.

We’ve been going back and forth to the same place for over 10 years now, so we know the area pretty well.

A place we visit more or less EVERY time we are in the area is called Yum Yums. Its a specialist sweet shop.

When you walk through the door the smell of sugar hits you like a tidal wave, its great.

They have everything you’ve ever had as a kid, including all my favourites, sherbet lemons, cola cubes (and pips), rhubarb and custards, strawberries and cream, and aniseed balls.

Most of the time, I manage to resist the temptation to buy all my childhood favourites, and leave the fun to the kids.

We’ve all had it beaten into us about the dangers of sugar and how its affects our weight, but even if I did buy a bag of sweets, I dont think it would matter one bit for my weight or health.


For me it comes down to the age old question, are you a sucker or a cruncher?

I’m a sucker.

We all know sweets last longer if you’re a sucker, and come on, there is only a small amount of sugar in each sweet.

Eating sweets doesn’t have to ruin your diet.

I’d even go as far to say, you could eat your favourite sweets on my plan and still lose weight.

Lets say you’re on a healthy diet and every time you have a craving for something sweet, like chocolate cake, instead you had a good suck on a rhubarb and custard, I reckon you’d carry on losing weight.

If you’re a cruncher, please dont risk trying this. The whole bag’ll be gone before you can say a quarter of sherbet lemons!

The lesson: its aint what you do but the way that you do it.

To eat sweets and still get fit and lose weight, go here:


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