The Case Against Muller Lights (and low fat food) Gains Momentum

Seems my “New Rules of Weight Loss” are filtering down to the masses. Yesterday, I received not one, but two messages, from members who I’ve already un-brainwashed, then re-brainwashed, and who are now living life by my New Rules.

Mary Cratchley shared a link to this headline:


“Low-fat diets could increase the risk of an early death: Major study challenges decades of advice as it reveals fat has a PROTECTIVE effect”.

“Hi Richard, Research seems to be catching up with your plan. Mary x”


While Michelle Helliwell text me a picture of the same headline in her newspaper:

This was in the Telegraph today and also the Metro, I bet its in most papers today. They’re catching up with you!X”


Thanks ladies. People are catching up for sure.

Which i’m pleased about. It warms my cockles when members say stuff like: “that’s what you’ve been teaching us for years, o great one 😉 ”.

Anyway, swapping LOW fat, for FULL fat, is just 1 of the 14 New Rules Of Weight Loss.

One slight problem I see.

People ditching low fat food, and then eating TOO MANY of the good fats, which although is not as bad for your health, it will slow weight loss down. For example, a popular choice I see on every menu at the minute is smoked salmon, avocado and scrambles eggs – the foods are all good sources of fat – but a meal like that is not always good for weight loss.

That’s why my members appreciate everything being laid out for them.

You know, meal plans showing them exactly what to eat, and how often eat it, that sort of stuff. Plus they appreciate being un-brainwashed, and re-brainwashed, at least I think they do.

Either way, I’m pleased the word is getting out.

Plus, this is yet another example that what I’m teaching is years, even light years in some cases, ahead of the game. I’ve been teaching people this for over 10 years.

For membership info, put down that Muller Light, and click here:

Richard Clarke

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