The Case FOR Using A Sun Bed

Something controversial, you wont hear many health and fitness peeps say.

After last week’s email where I mentioned that Vitamin D is pretty much essential (especially to us Brits), and it helps maintain our health, year round, and I also said, you should even consider taking a supplement.

One savvy subscriber rightly pointed out:
“Hi Rich, when you supplement Vitamin D, you take a synthetic form,is there something more natural. Claire”.

And the short answer is yes, you can get some through foods like oily fish and red meat, but not enough.

Another great, yet controversial way, to get a good dose of vitamin D, is to use a sun bed.

Shock horror.

But before you grab a sun hat and run for the shade, hear me out.

I believe sun beds are good for you, based on the logic that the sun gives everything on our planet life, including us.

In case you weren’t aware, vitamin D is also called, the happy hormone.

So if you’re deficient in Vitamin D, its likely you will be decidedly unhappy, as its closely linked with depression.

Sun beds are of course still synthetic but are comparable to normal sunlight, and I’d argue slightly more natural than taking a supplement.

Having done my research, it seems to me at least, that’s its more harmful to be deficient in Vitamin D than it is to have a sun bed once a month or so, during darker months.

Its the lesser of two evils.

And I always feel much better after I’ve had one.

That is of course, just one of many things you can do to boost up your health, and ultimately your weight loss.

To learn more of my controversial, but highly effective ways, put on your sunglasses and go here now and fill out a form:

Richard Clarke

PS – If you’ve filled out a form and haven’t been before (or have been before but not for a while), don’t wait until January, get a start on things now and hit the ground running in the New Year.

You could be like new member Julie, who hasn’t been perfect and has still lost 15lbs in the last three weeks.

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