Thinking About It For Years

A client who just signed up in the last month said to me…

If I don’t do it now, when will I do it?

She had been thinking about doing something about her health and weight for YEARS.

But time was slipping by.

If I’m honest, she is not in a great place to start, things are not perfect.

But she’s gonna give it a crack. A lot of it I understand.

It relates to being a mum and a wife.

She has no time to herself.

From what I can gather she is either working or sorting the kids out.

And by the time that’s all done, it’s 9pm.

That’s when the damage is done.

Like me and my wife, and most other people, she likes a drink and a treat when the kids have gone to bed.

But it’s gotten outa hand.

Some days she may just eat a pack of biscuits.

She is as big as she has ever been and totally unfit.

Plus, a big reason she is in such a shit place, she doesn’t have much family support.

It’s so hard. It’s never ending.

Like a prison sentence.

But like SHE said…

“If not now, when?”

-Once she puts another stone on?

-Once she is even more unfit?

-When the kids grow up?

She realised there is never going to be a perfect time.

And she was spot on. (side note: 5 weeks later she had lost 14lbs and now feels like a different person)

My advice for you today sweet cheeks…

Stop waiting for the right time.

Start doing what you can..

Get cracking.

Work with what you have got.

From where you are right now.

No more if’s, but’s and maybes’.

Drink a glass of water.

Get to bed early for once.

Eat a nourishing meal.

Do something, anything.

But don’t wait.

Because you will never start.

Rich “there is always something you can do” Clarke

PS – Keep an eye out tomorrow for a story about how female rats can get easily distracted while having “sexy sexy time”.

At first, I didn’t want to believe it was possible

But now I’m married, I know anything is possible with you ladies.

Until tomorrow sweet cheeks.


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