Top 5 Tips On How To Avoid Injury While Exercising

Hey guys just a few quick helpful tips on how to avoid getting injured while you exercise. Once into an exercise routine drawbacks such as injury can be an incredibly frustrating thing, so it’s vital that measures are put in place to avoid this.

Tip 1

Warm Up and Stretch – A nice gentle warm up such as a 5 min walk or jog is very important before exercising. A warm up increases the heart rate as well as loosening up the muscles ready for exercise.

Tip 2

Pace Yourself – It is recommended that if you have not exercised for a while that when you return to exercise it is a gradual process where intensity of exercise is increased over many weeks. It is a common perception and attitude amongst most of us to go flat out and try to be the best straight away, it is not advisable and going too hard when not physically fit enough can lead to injury. Just remember it’s a marathon not a sprint, massive results aren’t going to be had overnight so it’s important to stay fit to keep on training. Begin by training around 3 times a week and build it up from there. A helpful little method to try is the 10 percent rule, this involves increasing your reps, weight, distance or time by no more than 10 percent each week. This will ensure gradual improvement to reach your goal without risking injury.

Tip 3

Listen To Your Body – Pain, swelling and stiffness can be signals it’s time to modify an exercise routine. If you are hurting or aching tell the exercise leader and they will offer you advice. It’s better to temporarily stop exercising or do an easier exercise than risk an injury. Your body knows best so if something’s wrong just listen to it.

Tip 4

Stay Hydrated  – Dehydration can kill your performance, so ensure that you stay well hydrated. Try to drink around 16 oz. of water in the two hours before you exercise and then take in water during your workout to replace any lost fluids.

Tip 5

Equipment – Make sure that all equipment used is safe. Correct footwear and clothing are important; a good pair of running shoes can help reduce the chances of injuries such as shin splints. Also dumbbells and weight bars need to be in good working order and risks shouldn’t be taken when it comes to heavy weights.

So take these 5 helpful easy tips on board and away you go, hopefully reading this will reduce your chances of getting injured and halting your progress.

Stay safe and good luck.


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