Watch House Of Cards and Lose More Weight‏

Not sure if you watch House of Cards, it’s back for season 4, and my wife and I love it.

If you don’t it’s well worth a look.

I think you would describe it as an American “political drama”.

The show looks into the ruthless and pragmatic lives of powerful politicians.

The show is about Frank Underwood, who after years of delivering results for others as chief whip, gets shafted out of the job of secretary of state, pissed off, and not one to give up, he then initiates an elaborate plan to get himself an even better job.

Anyway, what does all this have to do with you losing weight and improving your life?

Well, lots.

When Frank got passed over for the job he thought he DESERVED, he was mad as hell.

Now, it could have gone two ways:

1. He could have got mad, publicly, and thrown his toys.


2. He could smile, congratulate the “winner”, and come up with a solution to get what he wants, which is exactly what he did.

Of course politics is RUTHLESS.

But weight loss can be pretty ruthless too.

Like politics, it’s a cruel master. It’s a good teacher of life’s lessons.

You don’t always get what you (think) you deserve.

It’s not so much a science, as a “dark art”.

I often have girls who believe they deserve to lose weight, because they have been, and I quote, “good all week” and when they don’t get what they deserve, they get mad as hell, just like Frank did.

Next, some of them act like little girls, throw their toys, and decide that if they haven’t lost weight after all that effort, they will just give up, or should I say they give themselves permission to eat whatever they like.

And some will do the opposite, just like Frank did.

They may be pissed off, but will accept it and be a BIG GIRL (emotionally) and come up with a different approach to get what they want (usually I will come up with a plan for them) .

So there you have it, two ways to respond to the problem of not getting what you want.

Which way will you respond? Like a big girl or a little girl?

Richard Clarke

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Richard Clarke

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