What to do when you cant lose that last 10lbs

Had a few questions come in about yesterday’s email:


First up . . .

QUESTION #1: Where can I listen to your free podcast please? Helen

ANSWER: www.richard-clarke.co.uk/podcast

Next question . . .

Question #2: Is there anyone else you would recommend we follow to get up to date advice and not faddy trends? Maria

ANSWER: Yes, I’d almost forgot about one of the most awesome GP’s I’ve ever met, Dr Briffa, he is a true legend, we had him on the podcast too, and similarly to Dr Mark Daniels, Briffa is a GP who got fed up and and has stepped away from the NHS. Check him out online, buy his books, and listen to the podcast.

Time for one more . . .

Question #3: Hi Rich, this resonates with me, I’m frustrated that I cant lose anymore weight, I seem to be stuck around 11 stone and want to get down to 10.7 or ideally 10 stone. I cant get to any of your groups so I’m currently following Joe Wicks’ recipes and I’m doing his exercises 5 times a week and its nearly killing me. I feel like giving up. What am I doing wrong? Amanda Lewis (Ammanford)

ANSWER: The last 7-10lbs is the hardest. You’re not necessarily doing anything wrong, sometimes you can misinterpret the nutrition plan, I see it with mine all the time, so re read it. With our members we have a specific meal plan that helps them lose their last 7-10lbs.
Other times you can try too hard, for example if you’re doing high intensity circuit training 5 times a week, that seems a lot, I’m not sure how long his sessions are, but it may be the reason why you’re not losing weight. If I was trying to lose weight, I would only do two thirty minute sessions of circuits (Joe Wicks style) per week.


Maybe you got something from that.

Maybe not.

Either way, that’s all I have time for today.

The Clarke family are up and leaving early to go to the Royal Welsh show.

Over and out.

Richard Clarke

PS – If you live in Swansea, and want to get help with all things health and fitness, specifically for over 40’s and 50’s, you can find membership info here: http://personaltrainerswansea.co.uk/packages.asp

PPS – If you don’t live in Swansea, we have a 90 day online exercise and nutrition programme which you can do from the comfort of your own home. Email me back for more info on that.

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