When fat husbands, like fat wives

Not sure if you’ve ever witnessed domestic abuse.

Its horrible.

Once I saw a man punch a woman in the face outside a pub once, I felt I ought to step in and do something. Recently something else Ive witnessed made me feel the same way, that I ought to step in and say something.

Domestic abuse is pretty common in Wales, and it comes in many forms. And its not just men abusing women.

You should see my wife if I don’t take the bins out.

But seriously, just because you don’t get beat up, doesn’t meant your not being badly mistreated at home.

This relates to your weight loss:

Specifically, i’m seeing men stopping their wives (and i’m sure wives are stopping husbands too, i’ve just never witnessed that) losing weight and getting fit. For example, I recently saw a woman who wanted to get fit and lose weight, but the husband did not.

And he stopped her.

Im guessing he was thinking “If my wife gets fit and loses weight, it will make me look bad (and even fatter)”.

So, meanwhile, in his attempts to keep her fat, he employed such well known dirty tactics as:

-Mocking his wife, making a big joke because she even dared to think she could do it.

-Verbally abusing her, saying she is past it and her back will never hold up.

– Putting obstacles in her way, sabotaging her efforts at every opportunity.

Anyway, it seems underhand to me.

Stopping someone (your supposed to love) doing something they want, because you don’t want to do it yourself.

Its selfish.

Is it abuse if your husband does stuff like this to keep you fat?

That’s for you to decide I guess.

But if you need to get his permission to lose weight and get fit, well, its not a good sign.

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