Why Buying His Dream Car Turned Into A Nightmare‏

I’m lying down writing this on my bed

I have had man flu for a few days

(I told you I was human)

But today I’m feeling much better, although my darling wife says you couldn’t tell by looking at me

Anyway the show must go on, and I think I can just about manage an email

I have another little tale for you…

A guy I know recently went out to buy the car of his dreams

It was a Morgan, if you don’t know what that is check these out

He had really wanted this car for years but could never afford it before now.

Like this man, we will all hopefully get to a point in life where we will have a bit more time and money.

He told me he booked a test drive and the big day was all planned.

Excited was not the word, he said he was like a kid at Christmas.

He was up early and went to the garage with a spring in his step.

He arrived at the garage and walked towards the car grinning like a Cheshire cat.

But the smile soon disappeared.

As you may know or can see from the picture

Morgans are sports cars.

They are small and fast and low to the ground.

He said the first inkling he had that something may be wrong

was when the salesman said – I think its going to be a very tight fit “sir”

“Sir” could not get into the bloody seat ;-(

(If you have seen top gear you may recall Clarkson struggling to get his massive frame into many a car)

“Sir” was devastated as well as embarrassed.

And he had to go home and tell his wife what happened too

Apparently it’s a common problem.

Wealthy middle aged men, with middle age spread and poor mobility are turning up to drive sports cars and not being able to fit into the drivers seat.

(This man was not exceptionally overweight, just a couple of stone the wrong side of ok.)

These men won’t exactly get any sympathy but it does highlight something.

This is another example of why it’s important to get into your 50’s and 60’s in good nick.

Otherwise you will not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

It can be very upsetting especially if you are used to getting what you want, like my buddy with his Morgan.

Did you know that most men acquire the car of their dreams in their mid 50’s.

By this time in life many men (and women for that matter) have a few things sorted

money being one of them.

And there is a reason why…

-They have bought all the STUFF they want

-Kids are grown up and not draining the finances anymore

-They have a good job/business and income after years of hard work

-They may have paid off their mortgage

-They may have some inheritance

You get the message

They have worked hard and or invested, sacrificed and finally got somewhere.

It’s the time when you may be lucky enough to start having that little extra luxury

Stuart Miles FreeDigitalPhotos.net

like a nicer car or nicer holidays.

When people plan for retirement it’s usually all about time off and how much money they will have coming in.

People tell me life is pretty shitty when you FINALLY have the money and time to do what ever you want

BUT can’t do bugger all because your health is shot.

It’s ironic don’t you think?

(it’s like a freeeee ride when you’re already late ;-))

Time and money are not important without good HEALTH.

Do yourself the biggest favour of your life

and get fitter and healthier so you can ENJOY the fruits of your labours.

Take care,


PS – This week on our very popular podcast

We have a Q & A session with myself and the GP for you.

We answer questions about a lady who has low energy levels

A man who has high blood pressure and weather he should take medication or not, pelvic floor exercises, immune system and winter colds plus a few other bits and pieces.

PPS – My mate with the Morgan now has a new goal to get in shape and to be able to drive the car of his dreams. Sometimes these things can turn out for the best in the end and this setback will be part of his story when he gets his Morgan which he will I have no doubt of that, he is that type of guy.


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