Why I’d Never Ask Your Husband About Weight Loss‏

One lady told me that she was thinking about starting some training in my gym but when she ran it by her husband he said “I can train you and show you what to eat”.

(He was trying to help, but in reality three months later he hasn’t done anything to help)

In fairness to said husband, he plays a bit of Sunday league football, so he does keep fit, but like his wife, he is a couple of stone overweight too.

The trouble with seeking someone else’s opinion.diet advice

Usually means you have some doubts.

We all do it.

When we get STUCK with something.

We check with family to see what they think.

We check with a friend what they are doing.

Doing this usually means we want some assurance or even NEED their permission.

Or maybe for them to just support us in what we are doing.

Often in reality asking for other peoples opinion, just adds to the doubt.

We become MORE stuck than you were before.

No one can really tell us what we want to hear, what ever that is.

The WORST PART is we ask people who know NAF ALL (nothing) about the subject.


Asking your husband


Asking friends and family…

about losing weight and getting fit is like asking a foreigner for directions.

With all respect, none of them really have a clue.

They may confuse you.

They may put you off.

Then you start to overthink, and end up doing NOTHING.

What can you do? I’m glad you asked…

The only way to measure all this stuff is by your RESULTS.

Are you GETTING ANY results?

Following your husbands plan?

Following your friends and families advice?

How has the LAST 6 MONTHS gone for you?

And the 6 months before that?

(see a pattern?)

Are you still stuck where you were?

The best thing to UNSTICK yourself is to just do SOMETHING.

Take action.

You don’t need PERMISSION to improve yourself…

Just with the FREE advice I give, you should have a bloody good idea what to do.

ANYTHING you do that’s good for your body and health would be a great start.

-More water
-Less alcohol/junk food
-A bit of walking

You get the idea.

And that’s why I wouldn’t ask your husband (or anyone not in the position to give advice) about weight loss.

It can cause you to waste ANOTHER six months which you don’t have.

Richard “are they a help or a hinderance?” Clarke

PS – Some people say that my exclusive online program is a great way to UN-STICK yourself.

But only you can decide that.

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