Why You Should Be More Selfish

Let me tell you why being a bit more selfish with your time is really important.

This one today is mostly for the Mums and Wives aka “Super Heroes”.

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Someone taught me, the only real resource we all have is TIME.

And if used well, it can give a HUGE return on investment.

What do you SPEND your free time doing?

Where we spend our time SHOULD be up to us.

But of course it’s not.

The demands on our time and attention come from all directions.

The obvious ones like our families and friends are not the enemy or the ones “stealing” our time.

The real thieves of our time are things like TV and Facebook and alike.

If it weren’t for these distractions we would all have plenty more time.

I have lots of female clients and having listened to them tell me why they can’t do this or they can’t do that.

I learned a thing or two.

– They all want to lose a dress size (or two) and to feel better.

– BUT the common problem for them all is – they don’t have the time to think, let alone do anything for THEMSELVES.

Most of my female clients do things for other people way before they do anything for themselves.

They are SELFLESS.

Almost kinda sacrificing themselves for others.

Is it commendable?…


Is it self destructive?

(in the long run)…YES

The “to do” list is endless
Their job

Let me tell you something you already know. These things are not going anywhere.

They are endless tasks, they will be there when you get back.

GO to the gym and have an hour to yourself.

Did you ever hear the saying “You can’t serve others until you serve yourself first.”

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In the long term, you must save a bit back for yourself.

Stop for 10 minutes and eat a decent meal.

If you get yourself in a better place, you will be better placed to help others and it will be easier if you are fitter and have a spring in your step.

If you want to see it as being selfish, that’s up to you but either way you need to TAKE the time to spend on yourself.

For example, my wife cleans the house much better after I let her go to the gym! Now how’s that for positive benefits?! (that was a joke)

But seriously – take some time out for yourself and you will see that investing something back into your own health and fitness – HELPS YOU AND EVERYONE YOU HELP – if you catch my drift.

Rich “Serve Yourself First” Clarke

PS – One of the reasons some peoples time is not their own is of course because of the kids. Listen to Michael McIntyre tell a story about how people without kids leave the house compared to people with kids leaving the house.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GO2xz0L9gQ (2min 34s)


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