Why You Shouldn’t Join My Programme

I always say my fitness and fat loss programmes are for ANY woman over 40.

But I have been telling a little fib.

In more recent years I have had the balls to be myself and be more honest so I want to let you in on something…

..there are some people over 40, I don’t want to join.

Whether it’s here in Swansea or on my new ONLINE programme (out in September).

Some people just aren’t a good fit.

People who:

* Want a magic wand you can wave that will get you fit and lose weight by OSMOSIS (IE you want the results, but don’t want to do the work)

* Want super secret “tips & tricks”

* Are intending on only joining for one month then jumping onto the next ‘thing’ (You aren’t investment minded)

* Require hand holding (you can ask me unlimited questions via my programmes, but you still have to think, act and make decisions on your own)

* Are just “kinda maybe” interested in getting fit, dropping some fat and having a shit load more energy

* Collect information and do bugger all with it (for whatever reason)

* Think it’s “expensive” (it’s only £2.66 per day for groups and £10 per day for private, plus, it’s an investment, not an expense if you don’t know the difference go elsewhere)

* Tend to find negatives, whinge and moan and are just too “high maintenance”

* Think you already know it all

* Are expecting tons and tons of ‘info’. I try to simplify everything so you don’t have to deal with the “depth of info” unless you choose to of course.

I’d rather save people from wasting their time and money

AND save me a pain in the ass

So, if you fit the above, it’s best to pass on by.

For anyone else?

Bring your big girls pants and you will be just fine.

Rich “too honest?” Clarke

PS- I not trying to be a dick here my friend. Just being honest, just trying to shake things up a bit

I don’t have the time nor the patience for these types of people in my life anymore

Over the years I have had enough people join and do jack shit, drain the life outa me and then disappeared faster than a scalded cat.

I’m here if you ever need me

(I’m not taking new members right now, but you can join the waiting list and be first to start when someone leaves).


If you’re ok with where you re at…

With the shape you’re in and the state of your health…

It’s cool with me if you unsubscribe and do things your way…


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