Worried about kids flu vaccine?

Got a couple of questions from concerned parents last week after mentioning the CHILDREN’S flu vaccine.

Maria said:flu jab

“I saw something you had written about your boy and you not wanting him to have the flu vaccination. Mine have been offered it at school and it doesn’t feel right to me but just wondered what your thoughts are”
As I mentioned last week, Mrc C and I will not be letting them vaccinate my son against the flu.

There are lots of reasons I could give you why we won’t be letting my son have it.

All the reasons are based on science, facts and evidence – bla bla bla.

It’s a TOXIC cocktail of drugs with VERY COMMON side effects listed as:
-Running or stuffed nose
-Reduced appetite

And COMMON side effects being
– Fever
– Muscle aches

^^^ Doesn’t all that sound like FLU?^^^

That’s not to mention the UNCOMMON side effects like nose bleeds, rashes and allergic reactions.

But put all that aside…the big question I ask myself is


Why are they saying he needs it NOW?

Why not before, if it’s so important?

Why do the NHS care so much about this now?

Is it because they want to help all the little kiddies in the world?

I very much doubt it.

In a nutshell…it seems to me at least…

Flu is most dangerous for old people, they are after all the ones who are most likely to die from it.

People over 70, who already have OTHER health problems are at HIGHEST RISK.

It’s the flu which in effect, FINISHES them off, but in conjunction with heart disease, angina, asthma, COPD, poor strength and fitness.

So you could argue that for these people having a vaccine is PREVENTATIVE.

The trouble with that is, especially if you know the background of last years vaccination – the government bought the wrong vaccine for the strain of flu people had.

And even if you and the kids and the dog have the vaccine, it’s no guarantee you still won’t get the flu.

So with all that said I trust MY SONS immune system.

We eat well.

Sleep well

Take our vitamins

And are fit and active.

I can’t remember my son even having suffered from a cold for at least the last couple of years.

NONE of that is a guarantee of course.

But neither is the vaccination.

So I will take my chances and put faith in my son’s healthy body and robust immune system rather than taking my chances and trusting the government to take care of his health.

Richard “my opinion” Clarke

PS – tomorrow I have a 10 point checklist for you to make sure you’re doing the right things if you want to lose weight before xmas.


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