You Can Tell By Their Face


Sometimes there really is no need to say anything.

I can just look at someone’s face and see there is something going on.

Sometimes you can tell someone needs your help – just by looking at them.

You can tell without asking – they are not quite themselves.

I think it’s some kinda weird human instinct.

Sometimes just by asking you can set them off as it were. I have made people cry just by asking them is everything ok?

It’s even easier with dogs (and kids), the emotion is all over their face.

I only have to look at my two Jack Russell’s and can tell what they are thinking. (usually because it is either FOOD or WALK)

I saw this video.

Straight away I could tell these people needed help 😉

From men in white coats, if you know what I mean (nutters).

But it cracked me up, so thought you may get a laugh out of it too. (dog lovers will laugh)

This week’s lesson – Pugs not drugs people.

But seriously, if you think someone close to you needs help, or is not themselves ask whats wrong and offer some support.

It used to be called “being human”, offer a shoulder to cry on or just a listening ear.

It will make a big difference I can assure you.


Nothing down here today but thanks for lookin.


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