She Had Lost Her Way

I had lost my way training wise after the death of my beloved older brother and was struggling with stress and anxiety. As fate would have it and I’m a great believer in fate, I bumped into Rich in a local supermarket one Saturday. Now Rich and I and my hubby go back many years to a certain boot camp at Penlan LC, in the days when I was probably at my fittest. I briefly told Rich what had happened and he encouraged me to join one of his classes which I did and I can honestly say I haven’t looked back since. I feel fitter and happier than I have in a long time and I’ve also lost inches and pounds. What I really love about Rich is he says it like it is and he cares for his clients. I can be a bit “gung ho” when it comes to training, all or nothing and Rich reins that in to make sure I stay fit and uninjured. Rich Clarke has changed my life for the better and that’s no exaggeration.

Taking Less Medication

Started with Rich around 10 weeks ago, during that time and by following his advice I have lost over 3 stone!! Having had arthritis for very many years which resulted in a double knee replacement and taking a ridiculous amount of tablets daily for this condition I am now taking a fraction of the amount prescribed by my G.P.  My G.P. can’t get over the change and is very impressed. I would certainly recommend Richard to anyone.

Following Motorcycle Accident

Following a motorcycle accident, Richard Clarke sped up my recovery by personally taking me through a 8 week rehabilitation programme. Impressed with his professionalism and knowledge, I took then took part in several 3 month fitness programmes that increased my fitness tremendously. Looking back, one of the biggest benefits was how Richard analysed my diet and changed it for the good. You’ll always go through phases in life where you don’t exercise or eat as you should but if you’ve been shown the way and know how to apply it, this knowledge is priceless. Thanks Richard.

Not Confident After Knee Injury

You helped me a great deal after my knee injury as I was not confident in doing any exercise incase I aggravated the injury. The exercise plan you did for me was great, very simple but effective. You were also very encouraging and very good at motivating me.  Thanks

Had Many A Chuckle

I have had many a chuckle at some of your comments and stories but also appreciate the underlining message…I love your shot from the hip approach it's refreshing. Keep up the good work :0)

I Trust Him

Ah, what can I say about 'darling Rich'.......He lights up my Tuesday evenings, and my Saturday mornings! It's only half hour - 40 mins, and goes by like a flash.After a session with Rich I feel like my batteries have been charged.  I can feel the endorphins raging through my body. He's such a nice guy, gives me advice, guidance and plenty of encouragement. His daily e mails are informative and fun. I have learned about nutrition and fitness. He has a wealth of knowledge. What I particularly like is that I feel comfortable in his gym, with his advice and guidance, and I trust him. He has helped me reach my goals.

Richard Helped In So Many Ways

Richard helped me in so many ways, even though I had many ailments, he helped me to believe in myself, weight loss, his recipes are delicious, didn't feel like I was on a diet, just healthy eating, but most of all Richard is very inspiring and often if I was having a bad day you could guarantee I would walk out of the gym smiling. Thank you Richard x


Motivational, inspirational, encouraging, knowledgeable, caring, fun loving, thought provoking are just a few of the words I would use to describe the huge personality that is Richard Clarke. If you decide to follow his advice you just can't go wrong. Cynthia Davies

The Greatest Bit Is Me

Having been quite seriously ill and knowing a few of the girls who have been supported by Rich, it has taken my nearly two years to join his program. (Due to ill health) I am just coming up to my first twelve weeks, have lost weight, changed body shape but the greatest bit is me! How I feel and my mindset. Having been in a wheelchair back in October. I am back to my old self in that, okay let's be realistic I was never going to be able to run the Marathon this year but do you know what I live every day and don't take life too seriously and have never felt happier than I do at the minute.  I recently heard someone say, "if you had cancer, would you attend two hours of chemo each week to save your life?" The answer is of course, who wouldn't.  My sessions with Richard are exactly that.  My treatment to save my life whilst having fun, through hard work with the great support from Richard covering what to eat, how to exercise tailored specifically to me.  He even listens when I am I want to let off steam! What more could you ask for...


Fantastic…I'm inspired as with all your emails

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