The Equivalent Of Reading Two Books

Today will be my last email I write until the New Year – I’m taking a break from it all.

Its been a great year from the perspective of the blog, as you know I put a lot of effort in and its nice to see the word is spreading and our community of like minded people is growing, thanks for being part of that.


Loads of you are getting life changing results and much healthier by implementing the stuff I teach each week.

If you have read my regular emails it is the equivalent of reading over fifty thousand words or two, 200 page books.

Hopefully I made it easy for you by saying it in small chunks, god knows you may even remember a few of the lessons contained within 😉

I have scheduled the next two weeks podcasts on iTunes and they will automatically get posted to the blog each week if you are wanting your
dose of the show.

Plus, helped by the wonders of technology, you will of course receive a few messages from me next weekend after the big day has passed.

If you want to drop weight after the inevitable over consumption that is Christmas, keep a look out for a “weight loss” group I will be putting together. (It will take us from January up to when the six nations starts.)

My attitude to the festivities is to enjoy yourself but don’t make yourself ill come the new year by over indulging.

Like I said earlier in the month, basics like eating balanced meals, drinking plenty of water and having a little walk every so often can really make the difference over the two weeks or so.

Have a great break and enjoy.

Merry Christmas,

Rich “and family” Clarke

PS – This week’s podcast covers questions on:
– Advice for women wanting to weight train with men
– Whether DNAFit is a good thing to use
– What a ladies results from a doctor mean
– How to make healthy eating easy and cheap
– Clean protein snacks
And more of course!


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