800-pound man gets kicked out of hospital for ordering pizza‏

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

This news story was doing the rounds on the internet recently.pizza

The 800-pound man (57 stone), Steven Assanti, from Rhode Island in the USA, says he’s been kicked out of hospital for ordering a pizza.

Steven had been in hospital on a weight loss program, he had been following the program for 80 days and had lost 20-pounds.

And, surprise surprise, ordering a bloody pizza broke the rules.

People online were mocking him.

But I have sympathy for the guy.

Lets look at this for a minute.

He weighs 800-pounds. He has been IN HOSPITAL following a weight loss program. I’m presuming DESIGNED by DOCTORS

For EIGHTY days

AND he lost 20-pounds. (I have people who lose 20lbs in the first few weeks)

That’s one of the WORST weight loss programs I have heard of, and I would want a pizza too after 80 days on a diet like that.

This man needs fast results, not less than 2-pounds a week.

At that rate it would take him 5 years to lose 500lbs.

I’m thinking a couple of things…

Is he getting food another way? maybe his Dad is sneaking food into the hospital.

Plus the additional problem with a food addiction is that you have to eat, so it must be torture.

But sometimes I question if a food addiction is REAL based on this:

If you offer an alcoholic ANY kind of booze, and there is no other choice, they will drink it.

However most people with food addictions are not addicted to salads now are they.

Of course, this is an extreme example but we are all addicted in a way to certain things

And we are all destroying areas of our body be it the bowels or the liver, heart or brain.

So we are not in a place to mock or judge.

Just because you can’t see the damage like the guy in the story.

Doesn’t meant it’s not happening.

If you feel like you are addicted to junk foods or alcohol or drugs my advice would be to get psychological help.

I would suggest it can only be addressed by improving the mind.

That’s all for today.

Richard “mental strength” Clarke

PS – Sometimes when people are that big, when they follow the CORRECT plan and have the right support they can usually lose lots of weight and FAST, Like my friend & client who was over 700-pounds, big Stu, god bless his soul, poor man is dead now.

He lost about 40lbs in a matter of 10 days following a ketosis diet, twas a record at the time

Here is the article and video:

PPS – tomorrow I share a lesson from the movie Trainspotting.

Remember it?

Catch you then my friend…


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