Benefits Of Not Exercising Alone

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What makes our species so great is that every single person is different, everyone looks different, everyone has a different personality and everyone acts different, this includes exercising. Every person is motivated to exercise by different things and they are able to exercise effectively in certain situations. Some people will like to be on their own running at midnight, some people would like to be in a gym environment surrounded by people, and others like to exercise within a social group. There is no right or wrong way; it’s whatever is right for you. I’m just going to quickly talk to you about a few benefits of exercising with a partner/group.

People who exercise do it in order to achieve something, whether it is weight loss, training for competition or the social aspect they are doing it for a positive reason. So you know when you exercise with someone you pretty much have something in common all ready, you may be motivated to do it by different things but you are doing it to make a positive change. So simply be being around people who have a desire to make a change can have a positive effect on you.

The social aspect of exercising within a group is great, you are able to get fitter whilst being around your friends and having fun. Remember though not to have too much fun which will affect your level of exercise … just talking to someone while on a long run can help take your mind off thinking about what hurts, how much longer etc. It can be sometimes difficult to meet people in your busy life so this is a fantastic opportunity to do so.

Exercising with someone can also help your adherence and motivation to exercise, if you exercise on your own and you decide to miss a session you have planned, you are letting yourself down. If you exercise with someone, you are letting them down as well … this will help you train (even if you don’t want to) just to avoid letting someone down. I guarantee that you’ll feel better afterwards!

As you exercise within a group it opens up the possibilities of learning new things, along with allowing you to pass on your knowledge. Working with a coach or personal trainer will constantly (if they’re good) keep you on your toes and give you new things to do.

It is important that you are exercising with like minded individuals, doing it with the wrong people can slow down your progress or even make you stop exercising. It is obviously great to exercise with your partner, close friends but be wary that they are trying to achieve the same things as you and you don’t get talked out of exercise just as they are close to you!

Confidence is crucial in exercise, so the opportunity to get fitter, meet new people and learning new skills can prove a massive confidence boost. Seeing other people make a positive change can prove very motivating along with getting positive feedback from other people.

So there are a few reasons to exercise within a group, why not try it, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you.

Keep up the good work.


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