I Think I’m Going Through The Change

Things are changing fast and I need to give you an update.

I think it’s always better to be upfront.

I have been building up to this for a while.

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I’m evolving as a person (or so I have been told).

Not some much THE change as A change.

As you grow and evolve you change, and make improvements.

That’s what I’m trying to constantly do, evolve and improve – myself and my blog.

You don’t know this but I have been holding back loads of stuff because I’m afraid

I’m afraid of what people will think. I’m afraid if people will laugh

I know it’s silly but we all feel like that a bit don’t we?

I have decided i’m no longer going to be afraid to say what I want.

Look out! 😉

So I’m going to be emailing you a bit more often.

Load of cool stuff and more stuff from my heart.

When it comes to writing I’m no JK Rowling.

I’m more of a talker, I have always been the same – I just have a lot to say.

and this blogging lark seems like the best way to do it!

It’s strange because I hated English in school and hated writing essays at university.

But now I write two or three articles each week and I love it.

Not sure how that worked out but I think it’s partly to do with HOW I WRITE these days.

When I was in school we were taught to write “proper English”

with structured sentences and all that jazz, and definitely NOT to write as we speak.

I have now learned that there are many different styles of writing and writing as you talk is one of them.

Which is happy days for yours truly, because that’s the only one I can really do 😉

I may have had a pretty tidy education but I’m not very well spoken really compared to some.

I still struggle with spelling and grammar and still don’t know what a verb or an adjective is.

There I said it.

I have learned this stuff is not important FOR ME TO DO MY JOB WELL.

For others it may be very important, it’s not for me to say.

Yes I have to be able to speak and write propa like, but beyond that most people don’t really care! 😉

So with all that said, I’m not sure if you have noticed recently but I have started to be myself a bit more

(little swear words creeping in) and be a bit more forthright in my articles.

Why am I doing this?

Because if you ever meet me in person you will know that’s what I’m really like

Now I’m not a foul mouth guy, effing and jeffing all the time

I’m a professional, I have kids and lots of clients who do not want to hear that sort of language.

But I’m no angel either.

If something needs saying I will say it.

A big part of my job as a coach is to have “awkward conversations” with people about their goals.

In theory this little website of mine is my “vehicle” to help others get to their goals, like a rocket ship going to the moon if you like.

I am on a mission to help people have more energy and fitness to enjoy life

It’s MY vision and MY energy which is powering the rocket ship on its journey and I’m in the driving seat.

Some people want to be onboard with me and some people are happy to stay right where they are or have their own rocket ship.

Today it’s time to decide if you are onboard my rocket ship, for this life changing journey or if you are staying where you are?

(The door is always open for people to come on board later (and to get off too))

For those who have been with me a while, you know I’m genuinely here to help.

If you haven’t realised I’m totally dedicated to providing – up to date – free – quality articles every week

I can do no more as they say.

I speak to and help many of you personally.

I know not everyone reads ALL of my articles, you read the ones applicable to you, and DELETE the rest.

That’s the general idea and is fine with me.

However, If you are a sensitive type

Who gets offended by the odd swear word or receiving too many emails…


I will be sending you more emails, about three a week on average.

That’s one more than now.

There will be some educational stuff like usual, some stories and some video or audio (podcasts)

So, if you get annoyed by “the tone” my emails we are probably not meant for each other.

There is a little button at the bottom of my emails to unsubscribe.

Catch you next week (if you don’t unsubscribe that is).

Take care,

Richard “I’m no wordsmith, but I’m on a mission” Clarke


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