Reasons Why Your Diet Has Stopped Working

What Can I Do?

Ok so you have been doing really well, losing weight, exercising, getting in better shape, then……its all stops, the scales have not shifted for a while…..what can you do?

I know ….cut back on food and do more exercise……another two weeks pass and still no weight loss, and now as well as lacking motivation as you are not seeing any results for all this “hard work”, you feel tired and weak also….what can you do to lose more weight….?

I know….lets try cutting back a bit more and exercising a bit more…….another two weeks passes by… your picking up coughs and colds, you got a cold sore perhaps or an ulcer …you are probably run down and so the problems begin… give up because you cant train when your ill and when your better you never start back soon enough – recognise this cycle anyone?

Does this sound familiar? Lots of us have experienced this – hitting a plateau and then “losing patience” ….…..

Why does this happen…?

It can happen because your body goes into starvation mode – your metabolism is slowing down and whilst in starvation mode your body is actually designed to store the food you eat as fat.

Did you know? Your body also stores a lot of food when you only eat two large meals per day – like a sumo wrestler.  They do it on purpose, do you?

So let me cut to the chase and tell you what I would do if I were you (or your personal trainer!)

  • First – STOP Cutting Back on Food!
  • Second – Keep a Food Diary – as accurate as possible – how many calories are you eating per day?
  • Thirdly – Work out How Many Calories per day your body is using. (a great new gadget for this is kifit (see ))
  • Lastly – Eat 250-500 Kcal less per day than you are using


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