This Could Save Someones Life

Today’s email could seriously save someone’s life, and that’s no exaggeration.

In fact YOU could save someone’s life.

So please pay close attention.

I’m talking about a simple test for prostate cancer which involves men’s sausages!

Stuart Miles
Stuart Miles

This message is for the men AND women because the way I see it, lots of wives look after their husband’s health for them.

Prostate cancer affects lots of men, young and old.

If you catch it early enough it’s something you can recover from.

Some facts in case you were wondering…

1- It’s the most common form of cancer amongst men in the UK

2- Prostate cancer accounts for 25% of all new cancers

3- In the last 35 years the rates in Britain have tripled

4- Nearly 75% of cases are in men under 75

5- Most deaths occur in the over 75’s

6- In the 70’s 4 in 10 men diagnosed with it survived, now it’s 8 in 10 men who survive

7- Also since the 1970’s the number of men who survived the disease for 10 years has gone from 2 in 10, up to 8 in 10, which is great.

I know a bit more than I really want about this cancer stuff due to my work and my family experiences.

Every Tuesday I deliver a group exercise session to a group of men who have or have had cancer, two of them prostate cancer.

I also worked down at “Maggies” cancer caring centre for a couple of months last autumn delivering a pilot course called “exercise for prostate cancer”.

We “proved” exercise is a massive help for these guys and hopefully this will now get rolled out nationally.

Ok back to the prostate (& sausage) test…

The test is simple, if you can pee against a wall from two feet it’s likely your prostate and sausage, are working fine ;-0.

If your jet is too weak this could be a sign something is wrong and you should get it checked out.

I put this out on Facebook and apart from all the jokes and banter one person went straight to their doctors, thankfully SHE has had the all clear!!

But seriously being proactive is the key to beating this barsteward of a disease.

My only warning is to not get caught peeing against a wall in public, apparently it’s illegal.

Do it in the privacy of your own surroundings use your imagination for where, but a quiet spot in the garden or down the woods might work.

Rich “not in the shower” Clarke

PS – I found this inspirational video about a man with prostate cancer. It’s pretty funny too (2min 41 sec)


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