Use A Stopwatch

This weeks top secret strategy is to use a stopwatch to time your rest between exercises/weights. You should try to only rest for 30-60sec after each exercise.

Using a stopwatch will ensure you do not waste time or get too much rest. Too much rest will mean you will take longer to reach your goals or never reach your goals. Less rest will ensure your heart rate does not drop too low, and allowing you to burn more energy and get fitter at the same time. Weight training if done like this, with little rest, will give you a cardio workout ontop of your weights, encouraging the body to burn the excess fatty layer.

This technique is not suitable for people who train for strength only eg. powerlifters like Swansea’s very own Phil Richard.

I see so many people who do a set of weights and then rest for up to 3-4 mins before the next set, that’s a big no no if you want to get some body sculpting results. The people who take all the rest are the same ones who don’t do much cardio and spend lots of time looking at themselves in the mirror…you know who you are ….stop being lazy and have less rest – you may see some good results!!??

So that’s another top secret tip I use with my clients to ensure we get the best results and get fit FAST.

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