Fake Boobs & Overgrown Biceps

Today is a bit of a rant.

They say it’s unprofessional to say bad things about your competitors n that. But I’m more having at pop at the industry as a whole – so I hope we are all good.

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Plus, I’m not so much saying bad things about them I’m just using them to show you something which I see happening A LOT. (more on that in a bit)

Did you know…
– You can qualify as a personal trainer in 4-6 weeks?

– You don’t actually need ANY qualifications to call yourself a personal trainer or nutritionist?

– You don’t need any qualifications to sell the old ‘erbalife either.

You get what I’m saying…
It is easy to become a “fitness professional” – ON PAPER or ON YOUR WEBSITE, but in reality it’s a load of pretence and bullshit. Very confusing for the general public too.

Personal training is seen as glamorous, it attracts lots of people looking for the easy life.

Swansea and the fitness industry is full of them. Some of them even steal my diet sheets and subscribe to my emails and try to copy me.

There are fake boobs and overgrown biceps everywhere you look in the industry. Personally I think some of these people scare the shit out of the general public, and I know some of them scare me.

Fair enough if they are straight with people and say “I’m new, I only know a bit, so I’m only charging £10-15 per session”.

But often they don’t do that, they just end up taking on a client they are not qualified to work with and make them worse.

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I think I may of said before, a good way to spot an inexperienced trainer is that they basically hammer you at every session, and when you don’t see results they push even harder

Doesn’t matter if you’re tired, stressed or on top of the world – you get the same treatment. No results? This trainer just says, cut back on the food and up the training a bit more.

On the other hand, a good trainer will dose his sessions accordingly. A good trainer will switch things up if your not getting results.

Depending on how you’re progressing with things like your nutrition, sleep, stress at work, soreness from the last session, whatever. They take it into account and then decide what’s best for that day and maybe even send you home and NOT train.

Here is what I wanted to talk about today:
The effect that a hard weights or circuit session can have on your brain and central nervous system, compared to a light cardio session…..

If you were stressed out getting to the gym for example, like many people are, one session can tip you over the edge (weights & circuits) and one session could make you feel better (light cardio).

Too many people (trainers and individuals) are using “hammering’s and beasting’s” and really intense sessions to lose weight/de stress – INCORRECTLY.

Intense exercise is seen by the body as STRESS. Unwittingly they are trying to lose weight/relive STRESS with STRESS.

Don’t get me wrong they may get a massive high after the session. But they are also worse off, on a stress level, after they come down. (It is all to do with the stress hormone cortisol)

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They are WASTING their time and effort, and it’s actually counterproductive, as it’s making them less healthy and FATTER.

—>Remember – healthy low stressed bodies go into shape, stressed and unhealthy ones get fatter.<—

Today’s lesson is if you are using intense exercise to relieve stress or lose weight and it has not been working – you may be making a BIG mistake.

Switch it for light cardio or even rest for a week you will get into shape quicker in the long run.

If you’re 21 and in love, no mortgage, no kids and have no stress – you can train as hard as you like, plus find another blog to follow, you’re too fit for this one 😉

1. Who are not losing weight or seeing any results despite training hard every week.
2. Who feel worse when they train, more stressed, not less.

If you ARE seeing results, crack on, it’s working for you.

This is for the rest of us 😉



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