When You’re Up To Your Eyes In Crap Remember This

Even though it’s the summer holidays, everyday is a school day and I wanted to share a little wisdom someone was kind enough to share with me.

Everyone has problems.

If you’re struggling with something right now, this may help a little, I know it helped me . . .

Many times in life you may feel like things are getting the better of you.

And you may be right.

You’re are drowning in a sea of crap.

Wave after wave knocking you down.

Stuff like:

*Financial problems

*Relationship problems

*Health problems

*Family problems

And so on.

And sometimes there really is nothing you can do, about what’s happened.

Recently when speaking to a very wise man, who helps people through HORRIFIC problems everyday, he said these wise words to me:

“Plants need manure to grow Rich”.

I thought it made perfect sense, and it helped me see the many benefits in experiencing the tough side of life.

We don’t learn much when everything is rosy. We need these challenges to help us grow as a person and become stronger. Just like real “manure” is full of nourishment, so are the experiences of life too.

I wish it wasn’t that way.

But it is.

So if you’re going through lots of crap right now, for what it’s worth, remember it will help you to grow stronger as a person.

Richard Clarke

PS – You don’t have to wait to let life dish out the lessons to you, there are of course other methods you can employ to become stronger, both physically and mentally. The best method I know to develop yourself as a person is to eat right and get fit.

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