Why Sit Ups Can Make Women’s Waists Bigger!

Want a smaller sexier waist? You have got to do sit ups, right?…

…Wrong! Certain types of sit ups can make your waistline grow not shrink.  It is not big news to anyone who is in the know but the general perception is one of “sit ups will help me flatten my tummy”, so let me explain why that is not always the case and then tell you what you can do to avoid making your waist grow by mistake.

Let me make clear what I believe the term ‘sit ups’ means to me.  It describes a basic traditional movement, lying on your back knees bent and hands behind your head, lifting your torso up and down repeatedly.

Also I would like to point out that we all need a basic amount of strength in our abdominal muscles and sit ups are not dangerous or anything.  BUT …If your goal is flat tummy, and yours is not getting any flatter…you may want to re-think things – especially if you are doing hundreds of the wrong type of sit ups.

The first reason why is that building up muscle on your stomach by doing sit ups will make it bigger and thicker, not slimmer and sexier! This obviously does not happen when you just do a few sit ups, it happens when you do lots and lots of the same ones (described above).

Secondly and one of the main problems with this movement is that it is usually performed through too large a range of motion, causing excessive ‘doming’ or ‘pouching/pooching’ of the lower stomach after you pass a certain point.

Sit Ups are not Ideal for Women especially if:

  • You have had children
  • You have had a Caesarean

Symptoms can be worsened by

  • Poor posture
  • Being in a Seated Position for too long – desk jobs!

What can you do about it? 

  • Do NOT do normal sit ups!
  • Do Core stability exercises, for example the plank and side plank
  • Learn how to activate your core while sitting down
  • Do leg raises in a roman chair
  • Discuss with a specialist – your fitness instructor or personal trainer and they should (cant promise anything here) be able to tell you the difference between exercises for MEN and WOMEN which suit your goals.


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