Caught In Bed Together

Just when I thought I had heard it all…

Last week I heard this.

A British Medical Journal (BMJ) investigation has revealed “extensive and widespread” links between public health scientists and sugar industry.

Mister GC
Mister GC

The Government’s KEY advisor on the obesity epidemic professor Susan Jebb, has not just been caught “in bed” with these big companies she was caught “in bed with her knickers around her ankles while barking like a dog”. (metaphorically speaking of course).

The BMJ investigation showed that professor Jebb received millions of pounds in funding from Coca-Cola, Mars and Nestle.

Plus in addition to this (as if that wasn’t bad enough) some of the companies who provided the dirty money, are now members of the Government’s Responsibility Committee” chaired by Professor Jebb, whose job it is to look at reducing sugar in our food.

Tate and Lyle also sponsor a children’s nutrition research centre in a hospital in London.

^^^^Whatcha think the research will say? ^^^^^^^^

Sugar is evil? No chance.

You maybe one of the many people who is, or have children who are, addicted to SUGAR in one way or another.

Therefore I feel it’s my duty to share this with you my friend.

Businesses here in the UK and around the world are sneakily influencing public health debate, so that their businesses continue to profit.

Which is messed up but quite normal.

It is very immoral, unethical and could be illegal, I’m not sure. (If it’s not it should be.)

It’s what we call in Wales “a fiddle”.

For example the sugar industry, Tate and Lyle, Coca Cola Pepsi and alike all have a shit load to lose if the world turns against sugar.

Sugar is in everything.

There is big money involved.

Suat Eman
Suat Eman

In order to keep the BIGGEST EVER LIE GOING, that sugar is not bad, and get their fat little fingers on your money
they are funding nutritional research to say what they want it to.

It’s an extraordinary relationship.

It has parallels with the Tobacco industry.

The academics are in the thick of it with loads of dodgy connections between universities, professors and the businesses who fund the research.

To say the waters are a little murky would be an understatement.

The British Dietic Association are involved in this too.

With that name they sound all high and mighty, but they are not above putting their hands out and getting a load of cash from these immoral and unethical companies who profiteer from our health.

Government take this research and decide what is right for the general public to eat – what a joke.

You can’t trust any of these fuckers, who are meant to be doing what’s right by us.

The Government, some academics and NHS are all in bed with big business in one way or another.

They are influencing policy and sacrificing YOUR health for their PROFITS. Bastards.

Sugar has had a free ride.

Not any more, and not on my watch.

This info is being discussed.

That’s the first step toward making change.

Lies need to stop.

I wanted to bring this to your attention so you are aware of how this stuff all works.

Because they don’t exactly advertise this stuff.

It’s not something you really want to believe but face the facts – it’s happening everyday and on a large scale.

These governments are helping their businesses to destroy your health and they are doing it very deceptively.

Sneaky fuckers.

Rich “it’s a conspiracy” Clarke

PS – nowt down here today but thanks for checking


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