Shame About The Swearing (I Had A Complaint)

Ok I was going to write about something else but I had to tell you about this.

Had an email off a lady yesterday who got her knickers in a twist.

The email I received went like this….

“Interesting to read as a diabetic but it is a shame that you resorted to swearing and vulgar language. Plain speaking should not involve foul language ever. As I’m involved in education I though I should point it out”.

Stuart Miles

I emailed her back, I will get to my response in a minute.

Listen up, this is for all the snowflakes and gentle folk who never swear or do anything wrong, and like to judge people like me and most of my followers, who do swear and misbehave.

I swear quite a lot and it’s just me, it’s not bad, it’s not good either its just me.

If you don’t like the way I speak “you can go and make love in a far a way place”. <—cryptic clue

If, as the lady suggests, plain speaking (whatever that is) should NEVER involve foul language ever, then she won’t like some of the stuff I have to say.

She didn’t have to email me, she could have just unsubscribed at the bottom or not read anymore of my stuff.

But she thought it her duty as an “educator” to point it out. (make of that what you want)

Listen up peeps, I’m not looking to please all the people all the time, quite the opposite, I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

But I don’t care.

I have a great family and a fantastic business with loads of clients who love what I do.

This allows me to be confident and be myself and not have to be a pussy and try and “keep people happy” by writing BORING emails that no one would want to read and pussy footing around people afraid to call them out on their shit. (Oops did I swear again)

People appreciate my honesty and me being forthright. They don’t pay me top dollar for me to blow smoke up their ass.

I get positive messages and feedback every time I send an email.

I know what I’m doing and saying is not “normal” and “professional”, but it’s a ton more fun and entertaining for you and me both.

If you want a boring “more burpees, chicken & broccoli” type personal trainer then I’m not for you. (there are plenty of them out there in Swansea)

This diabetic lady even said she enjoyed the content but couldn’t rise above the fact I swore.

We would be a horrible fit.

I’m straight and I swear a bit and that puts certain people off. (sensitive snowflakes)

It’s like a filter I guess.

At the same time as I repel people, I attract LOADS of people who have a sense of humour, see the authentic, raw and no holds barred side of me.

For example, from the same email that the lady made reference to I received this from Leigh:

Great blog Rich, really enjoyed and learnt something at the same time.

Oh yes I nearly forgot, my response to little miss snowflake:

Just unsubscribe my darling, it’s me, it’s 100% real and authentic, if you don’t like it you have a choice not to read my stuff.

Plus that’s just your opinion, people love this shit! 😉 (ok the last bit is a bit cheeky, but it’s the truth)

Anyways if you are a snowflake and don’t want to learn how to get yourself healthier and drop a bit of the old timber MY WAY.

Then you know what to do.

Rich “pleasing SOME of the people” Clarke


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