Change this one little thing to explode your results

A valuable observation:

One of the things you get when you sign up for my online programme is a bundle of DIGITAL books. Also this weekend, as a bonus for signing up before Monday at 12 midnight, I’m giving a bundle of PAPERBACK books, most of the digital books are duplicates of the paperback books.

Why would I give you the same books twice?

I’m glad you asked.

I’ve been using digital books for years.

Reading them myself and selling them to others.

The convenience of a digital book is great, as a reader you can take hundreds of books wherever you go and as an author its great because you can edit and change things with ease.

But if I’ve learn’t one thing, it’s that for all these benefits, people still prefer a PAPERBACK book.

For example, I gave all my members digital copies of my 30 days of weight loss cookbook, which is a fantastic resource, it has 90 recipes, 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners. And it was well received. Members were experimenting and cooking new recipes.

A positive outcome you could say.

However when you compare that to the Xmas that I gave all my members the same cookbook, in paperback format, it was like chalk and cheese.

These paperback cookbooks soon became dogeared and battered and went everywhere with them, they could stuff them in their handbags or in the door of the car, so that when they were in the supermarket carpark they could check it to get the right ingredients.

Results exploded (and Tesco sold out of Garam Masala and Cacoa nibs).

Speaking of ingredients, I’m the first one to accept, it can be very off putting, but if you have the cookbook in your hand its much easier.

You wanna know something else that’s easier with ingredients, specifically with some of the spices?

As soon as you’ve got them in stock – you’re all sorted for months.

And the same goes with cooking too, once you’ve cooked the recipe two or three times, it’s in the memory bank and you can do it without referring to the book at all.

Anyway, you get the point.

Digital books are great, but paperback books are better in almost every case, because they are a physical thing you can hold and feel, and this one simple change will boost your results.

So this is a great bonus, you’ll get a bundle of FIVE paperbacks.

If you’re interested, all the details are below.

Richard Clarke


When you sign up for the 90 day online programme, these are the physical bonuses you will get:

FIVE PAPERBACK books (worth over £50).

You will receive, posted through your letter box, a copy of:

*The New Rules Of Weight Loss Manual – My flagship book, which concisely lays out the new rules of weight loss. (worth £10.99)

*Snacks and Treats Cookbook – for weight loss, which includes chocolate brownies, muffins and cookies. (worth £7.99)

*Clean Curry Cookbook – which includes all your favourite curry dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Beef madras, Chicken Vindaloo’s, and Lamb Pasanda’s. Plus a load of veggie and fish curries. (worth £7.99)

*30 Days Of Weight Loss Cookbook – Which contains 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners which all help you lose weight. (worth £14.99)

*BBQ Cookbook – Which contains 90 delicious BBQ recipes like spare ribs and chicken wings, plus it also includes tasty sauces like ketchup and mayo. (worth £7.99)


My 90 Day Online Training and Nutrition Programme:

NOTE: The programme follows MY NEW RULES OF WEIGHT LOSS book, (which you will get as a paperback copy).

*I will personally review your nutritional intake and advise you on what are THE most important things to change first and then help you to change them.

*You will have THREE training sessions per week where I will hold your hand and guide you through your exercise sessions ensuring things are safe AND effective.

*The fitness plan will build you up gradually over the 90 days, introducing you to new exercises each week.

*I will teach you how to do exercises that fix your old problems and imbalances and make your body as injury proof as humanly possible.

*Get my personal nutrition blueprint for easily losing weight whilst eating tasty meals and never counting calories.

*The tasty nutrition plan will reduce your cravings and sugar intake and make you feel full of energy.

*Learn the closely kept secrets that have helped my clients fix their hormones and feel young again.

*Let me help you understand the feelings and emotions that are causing you to lose weight and then put it all back on.

*Discover all the ins and outs of food and learn how to eat tasty food and not put on weight via my weekly tutorials.

*Ask me questions (anonymously if you want) via live online seminars, called webinars.

*Listen to special mini presentations where we will show you exactly how to do everything, and take you through it step by step.

What you get…

1. 36 Workouts that build you up from scratch, plus warm up and stretching videos.

2. Nutrition plans recipes & daily prompts.

3. Questions answered. Submit a question – ask me anything you want.

4. Get Feedback on your food diaries, plus access to a community of other peoples food diaries and the feedback they have had.

5. Slimming Tutorials – weekly educational tutorials where I will explain a topic like carbohydrates as simply as possible in 3-5 mins.

6. FIVE Digital cookbooks (worth over £55). You cannot buy three of these directly, these are only for the weight loss forever members.

-The first one contains 30 breakfasts, 30 lunches and 30 dinners which all help you lose weight.

-The second one is a SNACKS and TREATS for weight loss cookbook which includes chocolate brownies, muffins and cookies.

-The third one is a clean CURRY cookbook which includes all your favourite curry dishes, Chicken Tikka Masala, Beef madras, Vindaloo, and Pasanda.

-The fourth one is a MEAT FREE/VEGETARIAN cookbook for all the vegetarians out there.

7. Lifetime access to the course (for as long as it exists) and Free future updates and bonuses. (As I continue to update and add more valuable material to the course, you get it for free)


Keep yourself accountable on a day to day basis. Post your food pictures and ask questions and see what other successful members are doing to stay on track. This is one of the most valuable parts of the programme, especially in the early stages and if you get stuck.


How much will this cost I hear you ask?

This product normally sells for a little under £300.

But this weekend you can save £100, plus you get the bonuses, worth at least another £100, and get it for £199.

Click the link below to get started immediately:

It’s a special offer and expires MONDAY at 12 Midnight.

No Exceptions.

Please note all sales are final, and there will be no refunds as much of the content can be downloaded and the books will be send out to you in the post.

See you on the inside,


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