Want The Skinny?

Michelle Martin gives her opinion on amazon:

Want the skinny on what to do – read this!

A no nonsense update that dispels old thinking and rumours along with sensible, easy to follow advice. It works as a stand alone but Richard also has options if you need more help and support. A great starting point.

^^^ Correct.

It’s a great starting point for anyone who wants to lose weight and get in shape.

AND it’s a really QUICK and EASY read.

It’s true, just ask Rob Strevens, read the book in just one hour.

Whole families have read it in a weekend.

It’s 20,000 words and none of them wasted.

I make it clear what the NEW rules of weight loss are and lay out what you need to know about:

*Calories – learn why you don’t need to count them if you just do this one thing.

*Carbohydrates – discover what type, how much and when it’s fine to eat them AND still lose weight.

*Fats – I reveal why a low fat diet will ruin your chances of seeing any results in the long term.

*Cholesterol – find out why it’s actually ESSENTIAL if you want to lose weight to
eat foods containing cholesterol, like butter, eggs and cheese. (and why reducing it is INSANE)

*Salt – why cutting out salt is a BAD move if you care about losing weight and getting in shape.

*Protein – discover why a high protein diet is DANGEROUS and what you can do to make it safe.

I also give my straight talking, no nonsense opinion about:

*Supplements – Learn which are a WASTE of money, and which ones you NEED, and where to find the best quality.

*Exercise – find out why LESS exercise is better, not MORE as many people believe.

*Diabetes (Type II) – How to reverse it and go into remission by IGNORING your dieticians advice

With the book you can QUICKLY learn the basics of the NEW RULES of how to lose weight.

It’s now available in PAPERBACK and on Amazon Kindle too.

Grab yourself a copy for the small investment of £6.99 or £10.99 by clicking the right link below.


Richard “dispelling rumours” Clarke

£10.99 (plus £3.50 P&P)


£6.99 or £6.58 (on Amazon Kindle)


PS – Plus, for a limited time you can get a FREE copy of my “30 Days Of Weight Loss Cookbook” by leaving a review on Amazon.  (I usually sell this  for £12.99)

I will email you details about how to get your cookbook once you have bought the book.


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