Moody Margaret Nearly Fits Back Into Her Wedding Dress

Margaret uses my programme to increase her energy and reduce her bloatingand now she feels brilliant (and has no moods):


“Hi Rich,

Well I started this plan on 2nd May bank holiday after feeling pretty rubbish with myself. Been doing slimming world on and off but it was just not helping me. Cooking from scratch was good but that’s it.

Two months down the line I have lost a stone not much compared to some of your others but perhaps I don’t have as much to lose . But I am pleased with my results. I have lost a total of 44 1/2 cms , can fit lovely into most of my old clothes not my (wedding dress yet). Still have about a stone to lose but I don’t expect it to fall off as it took years to put on!

I have certainly cut out the crap, no chocolate, biscuits or cakes, which were my downfall. No alcohol, chips, crisps, nothing, been good. Feel brilliant, have more energy and want to do things, as I feel so much better about myself. No moods, no bloating, I feel great. I go swimming at least twice a week, play golf at least once a week and walk the dog. Don’t do much of the exercises but after reading one of your emails I may just do them but just once through daily instead.

I love your daily emails as they are normally what I am thinking or experiencing. I drifted from drinking my water so today need to get back on with that. Not lost as much the last month but it’s all going in the right direction. This is forever and not a quick fix! I am enjoying how I am feeling and everyone around me has noticed it and is behind me.

Cheer my dears!!!



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Richard Clarke

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