Dangers Of Overtraining

I’m going to talk to you about the dangers of overtraining … so you’re probably thinking, hang on I was trying to make you exercise more at the start and now I’m saying not to do it too much, that is correct! Too much exercise can lead to negative consequences.

I know and hopefully you do, that when you get into an exercise routine you don’t want to miss a session and you have an urge to exercise all the time even on your planned rest days … this is fine, but in extreme situations it can lead to exercise addiction, where you no longer choose to exercise, you just do it. I bet half of you would envy someone like that, but it can be very negative and is a disease, it can also be linked with anorexia and bulimia.

When you exercise your body needs time to recover. Excessive exercise can lead to damaged soft tissue and damaged bones. Minor injuries will not be able to have enough time to heal which can lead to long term injuries. Your muscles energy reserves are depleted after exercise and the muscle needs time to repair, when you train when your muscles aren’t fully prepared you will damage it further.

Signs of over-training:

  • Tiredness
  • lack of training desire
  • loss of appetite
  • loss in strength and size
  • frequent injuries or illness
  • consistently high heart rate
  • guilt and depression when you can’t exercise

We aren’t telling you that you can’t exercise on consecutive days, you just need to plan which muscles you are going to be working. Doing bench press 7 days a week can eventually lead to injury, mix up your exercise with swimming, exercise classes etc. There are so many different enjoyable ways to exercise, just enjoy it. Overtraining is easy to avoid, just listen to your body, when you need a rest … REST.

Paul Thompson, an eminent cardiologist, once said, ‘If your only goal is to survive the next hour of your life, you should get into bed – alone. But if your goal is to live a long, healthy life, then get some exercise for the next hour.’

Good Luck.


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