20 Hip Strengthening Exercises

We’ve got 20 top hip strengthening exercises here for you. It requires no equipment … just a bit of space to work with.

Always important to warm up so spend 10 minutes performing a light jog and including some dynamic stretches (skips, lunges etc.) to raise the heart rate and loosen the muscles.

So here is the list of 20 Hip Strengthening exercises that you can include in your workouts:

  1. Jogging 
  1. Deep Squat 
  1. One handed side plank – alternate 
  1. Walking Lunge or Static Lunge/Split Squat 
  1. Ankle Alphabet Right 
  1. Cariokas – side- cross overs 
  1. Skipping/ bouncing 
  1. Side Hip Abduction LEFT 
  1. Lying straight Leg lift Right 
  1. Side Hip adduction RIGHT 
  1. Backward running 
  1. Lying straight Leg lift Left 
  1. Single leg squat off step RIGHT 
  1. Ankle Alphabet LEFT 
  1. Single leg squat off step LEFT 
  1. Skipping – forward 
  1. Press Up 
  1. Hop –  pause 3 seconds –  hop again – one leg 
  1. Crane with med ball around back, under leg 
  1. Calf raised off step 

Performing these exercises within your workout will improve your hip strength greatly and in turn helping develop your fitness, core strength, leg strength and much more.


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