EP05 – We Talk Supplements with Phil Richards, Nutrition Expert and Owner Of PRP Supplements

Richard Clarke is joined today by nutrition expert and owner of supplement company PRP (Phil Richards Performance) Phil Richards. Phil has worked with professional sports teams and individual athletes and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with us in this episode. Phil uses natural products with the main aim of improving health which makes his supplements more unique. Richard and Phil discuss why we need supplements in our diet today, the amount of harmful toxins in today’s environment, the nutritional value of today’s food compared to 50 years ago, clean water, common deficiencies in the UK, detoxification, energy production and a whole load more. Phil takes a refreshing approach to weight loss, don’t chase weight loss chase health. Phil also gives you the 5 reasons why are we are sick, fat and unhealthy in today’s world.

Podcast below:

Show Notes

You can buy Phil Richards book called ‘The Ultimate Fat Loss Book – 10 Habits’ plus Alkalizing Salts and all of Phil’s other products on www.amazon.com and his website www.philrichardsperformance.co.uk

You can purchase PH strips on www.amazon.com

If you do have any questions about this topic or any other health, fitness or nutrition topics then you can email info@richard-clarke.co.uk or you can contact Richard on twitter or facebook with your question.


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