EP08 – An Interview With a Nutritional Doctor – Dr John Briffa (LEGEND btw)

In this special episode Richard Clarke and Dr Mark Daniels are joined by highly recognised and successful Nutritional Doctor Dr John Briffa. John works in London and has been a practising doctor for over 20 years. Dr Briffa bases a lot of his work on the fact that people suffering from illness are in control of that illness i.e. through the lifestyle decisions they make. So like Mark Dr Briffa promotes healthy life decisions as opposed to medicine.

Dr Briffa has been a journalist and written columns and articles for the likes of Mens Health, Daily Mail, Observer and other popular publications as well as writing several of his own books.

In this episode John talks about the challenges he faced in the early days of offering this alternative type of treatment to illness. The guys also discuss Dr Briffa’s latest book ‘A Great Day At The Office’ and what inspired him to write it. The book is for literally anyone who is looking to improve their performance and their health in work as well as outside work through the lifestyle choices you make.

Other things discussed include medication, stress, relaxation, nutrition, diabetes, energy levels and the ‘normal’ nutrition and medical advice people are offered by ‘health professionals’ today.

Podcast below:

Show Notes

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10 thoughts on “EP08 – An Interview With a Nutritional Doctor – Dr John Briffa (LEGEND btw)”

  1. Fantastic blog again Richard.I have lost over a stone by following your detox plan and am only on the 3rd week. I have a lot more energy and feel a 100% better than I did 4 months ago. I will be continuing to listen and follow your blogs .Many thanks David

  2. Hi Rich,
    Found Dr John Briffa very interesting, enjoying your podcasts with the varied topics. Keep them going.

  3. I enjoyed listening to this very much Richard. I could identify with what Dr Briffa was saying about low energy levels and how this could be reversed very quickly and effectively with simple changes in diet. Tiredness and low energy is a very common problem and this information must get out there and reach the masses! You are obviously doing a good job with this by doing these podcasts. Thanks a lot Richard.

    1. Hi Wynne,

      Glad you enjoyed and that some of the things Dr Briffa spoke about rung a bell.

      Energy is in short supply in society and you are right, everyone needs to hear this sort of information.

      Take care,


  4. Hi Rich, I’ve just listened to your very interesting interview with Dr. John Briffa. Thank you so much for this – I’m forwarding the link to a few people I know suffering from low energy and not coping too well in the hope that they’ll take it on board and make those changes. They won’t listen to me but hopefully they’ll listen to you! Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Jeanette,
      Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed. Lots of people suffer from low energy so im glad you shared the podcast.
      Take care,

  5. I would love to download the podcasts onto my phone so that I can listen to them while I work out, but I don’t know how. I don’t see a “download” button. Anyone have a solution?

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