EP50 – How To ‘Turn Your Light On’. An Interview with motivational speaker and expert in human connections Georgina Jones.

Richard Clarke and Dr Mark Daniels welcome to the show Georgina Jones who owns a company called Turn Lights On (TLO). Turn Lights On is a company which encourages people to live more in the moment and interact more with themselves and others in a non religious or spiritual way. Georgina has helped people ‘Turn Their Light On’ which has helped to improve the quality of life of individuals and the people around them.

Georgina has worked all across the world in a corporate setting and has a background in singing which helped her set up music business Sing And Inspire before starting her current business Turn Lights On. Sing and Inspire used singing to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

In this episode Georgina explains how through making some fairly straight forward changes you can Turn Your Light On and become a better you. Georgina talks about how energy impacts our lives so much and how we can use it to make a difference to others also talked about on the show is her new book, the importance of role models and interactions with other people and why you need to make the most of the here and now.

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To find out more about Turn Lights On and to get a free chapter from Georgina’s book go to www.tloishappening.com or find the facebook page or follow on twitter @TLOnow


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